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Today I am spending some time catching up on blog reading and one by Seth Godin caught my eye.  He posted a holiday shopping guide and one recommendation was not to buy from big brands or big stores.  The reason he gives is that they don't care about you, or the things you care about and that the...
If you look at the post I reblogged yesterday you can see we launched a new book. C Tann-Starr took the initiative to share the info with the AR community (thanks again).  Today (and I probably should have done this a few days ago...) I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes info on our bo...
Just wanted to share a post from my friend C Tann-Starr who wrote this great post and beat me to the punch... about our new book.  Thanks Carolyn.    Trump University is helping me shape my five year business plan. I have previously mentioned being a Realtor was part of my two year business model...
I talk a lot about my AR experiences at work.  My boss is bound to ask me at some point what I am actually doing on the site …so I thought it would be good to have a list of reasons why Active Rain is worth the time I put into the community.  So here my 9 reasons (10 seemed so cliché…) for hangin...
Jason Schauer is a Trump University coworker of mine.  He finally created his Active Rain account after hearing me talk about the network for months.  I am now his AR mentor so to speak and I want him to be successful.  He has posted his first two blogs.  If you have a second pop over and give hi...
Last week I posted about Marketing Sherpa's free report on Online Strategies from Real Estate Marketers: Tactics to Survive a Struggling Economy.  Well, the second part is now available Online Strategies from Real Estate Marketers take a look through it.  Most AR members probably have or know a l...
I normally try not to share Trump University event information on this blog but we are running a free webinar that I thought might be interesting for my readers. On November 12th at 8pm EST, Trump University will feature a FREE time-sensitive webinar, Protect and Grow Your Assets. Wealth expert a...
Marketing Sherpa has a new special report titled Online Strategies from Real Estate Marketers: Tactics to Survive a Struggling Economy.This is part one of a two part report.  Marketing Sherpa reports are usually available free for a limited time and then are sold for a small fee.  So, if the titl...

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