creative marketing: It's Stick Your Tongue Out Day - Really! - 07/23/10 01:05 AM
Earlier this year I wrote about using holiday cards to market your business and a few months later asked Are You Going to Celebrate Pi Day?
So, when I read this post I had to share it since it has great ideas for marketing your business with "holidays".
Enjoy and Happy Mosquito Day ("scratch" the happy part...hey I didn't create this holiday...)
July 19 is "Stick Your Tongue Out Day".  I wouldn't make that up.  (Hang in with me, because I'm going to make a connection here with real estate blogging. Please read on...)
It's just one of many … (2 comments)

creative marketing: Are You Going to Celebrate Pi Day? - 03/10/10 06:56 AM
A few weeks ago I wrote about average holiday cards. I suggested that companies should create their own holiday to stand out and do something different or dare I say remarkable.  Well next week we are going to have some fun.  March 14 is Pi day and we are celebrating all things math.  Keep in mind this is an education company so this works for us but if you can get creative with your business there is no reason not to have a Pi party of your own.
Maybe serve pie at all your showings this week. Or give pies out … (8 comments)

creative marketing: During an Economic Downturn Use Creative Marketing Ideas - 04/02/08 06:33 AM
Today on the Trump Blog Brett Carman wrote about Creative Marketing Ideas for Real Estate During an Economic Downturn. Read the full post for his complete point of view.  Here are a few of the highlights I pulled from the post.  Some interesting ideas.  Not sure if some of these are viable and how they would play out but Brett seems to believe in them. 
There is more to selling a home than posting the home on the local real estate association’s website and sticking a sign in the yard. You have to be different...STAND OUT in the crowd. Look for creative real … (0 comments)

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