education marketing: Growing Your Real Estate Business with Social Media Marketing – Some insights - 02/28/11 01:16 AM
Growing Your Real Estate Business with Social Media Marketing – Some insights
Last week I helped a friend out who is now running training programs for the Real Estate Education Center in New York.  I presented to a group of about 40 Manhattan real estate agents on how they can grow their real estate business with social media marketing.  We covered the basics.  However, before I started I took a quick poll of the room to see how involved (or not) the agents were with some of the major social media sites (forget marketing for the moment).
Here are the … (10 comments)

education marketing: 2011 New Year’s Resolutions Part 5 - Final - 01/02/11 02:22 AM
We are down to the final 2011 New Year’s Resolutions. So without further delay the final resolution this year is....#1) Go back to schoolLet’s be honest – 2010 was not an easy year in the ‘ol job field. Still recovering from the recession, many people found themselves stuck in unemployment. But being unemployed doesn’t have to mean that you have no choices. Continuing your education can be the smartest decision you’ve ever made. The best way to find a job when times are tough is to set yourself apart from the crowd. How? Going back to school and getting the skills … (5 comments)

education marketing: Four Press Hits in One Week! - 11/08/10 02:38 AM
We had four Press Hits last week!
At my last job we used to joke about the saying "Never Give Up" well it is true and paid off for us last week.  With one exception all of these media hits came about without the help of a PR firm.
When you do things well, sooner or later reporters and bloggers start to notice. That explains why in the last week StraighterLine received a number of media mentions and features.
Here is a recap:
“StraighterLine's challenge to the rising cost of college,” an article in The Baltimore Sun on October 31, tells … (2 comments)

education marketing: Look What Happens When You Talk With Your Customers - 08/25/10 02:10 AM
I am a big fan of word of mouth marketing. I always gather (or give when requested) referrals from friends and family when I need a service or a product. So it occurred to me why not let our customers do all the talking for us. Last week we put together this video with one of our students. She loved the StraighterLine program and wanted to tell the world about her experiences so we recorded her and put this up on YouTube / Facebook etc. We did edit the recording to add some fades between her comments along with some music … (7 comments)

education marketing: College Courses in Minneapolis, MN - 06/17/10 02:02 PM
Last week Fox 13 in Tampa ran a story on StraighterLine.  Today Fox 9 in Minneapolis, MN ran the segment below on our online college courses. 
This week was all about MN for us.  In addition to this news segment and great press coverage we signed on a new partner college which is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN (their programs are online).  Student’s who take their required college courses online with StraighterLine can transfer their college credits to Capella University for full college credit.  This is a great benefit and cost savings for anyone looking to get a college degree.
Which state will be next to cover our programs?
PS - … (0 comments)

education marketing: Going to College In Tampa, Florida - 06/14/10 02:04 AM
Fox 13 in Tampa, FL ran a story about the company I work for.  The College for $99 a Month segment has aired in a few markets in the past.   If you or anyone you know is planning to go to college in Tampa FL (or any city for that matter) check out our online college courses and save yourself up to 90% on your first year’s college tuition. 
Fox did a great job explaining how the StraighterLine program works and the benefits of online education.  If you have any questions, I am always available to discuss in more detail.

education marketing: College Financial Aid Crisis Growing in Illinois - 05/31/10 05:05 AM
Illinois MAP scholarships are in a crisis 
“Illinois turns away 27,000 for financial aid,” an article in the Chicago Tribune last week, reports some grim news for students who have been counting on scholarships from Illinois’s state-funded Monetary Award Program (MAP) program. 
Here’s the crisis in a nutshell . . . 
This May, 27,000 eligible applicants were turned away because Illinois didn’t have enough money to cover MAP scholarships.  Those 27,000 students are part of an even bigger group. In the academic year that just ended, a total of 120,000 eligible MAP applicants were turned away. (Compare that to 60,000 … (0 comments)

education marketing: Lead Generation Strategies – Live on BlogTalkRadio - 03/16/10 10:02 AM
At the end of my post on Education Marketing I invited everyone to tune in for my continuing education marketing story.  Well, now you can really "Tune-In"...
Through the power of networking I was asked to join the founder of the LinkedIN group .eduMarketer with a new radio show.  The show will cover many topics related to marketing educational products, services and programs.  While we will focus on the education industry many of the ideas and strategies apply to real estate and other industries which rely on lead generation activities.
Please join us live on Blog Talk Radio for the first … (2 comments)

education marketing: Are You Going to Celebrate Pi Day? - 03/10/10 06:56 AM
A few weeks ago I wrote about average holiday cards. I suggested that companies should create their own holiday to stand out and do something different or dare I say remarkable.  Well next week we are going to have some fun.  March 14 is Pi day and we are celebrating all things math.  Keep in mind this is an education company so this works for us but if you can get creative with your business there is no reason not to have a Pi party of your own.
Maybe serve pie at all your showings this week. Or give pies out … (8 comments)

education marketing: Education Marketing - 02/25/10 06:29 AM
I have been lucky to be part of the online education industry in a number of marketing roles. Through the years I have used different tools and techniques both online and off to market education and learned a lot about the industry.  I love education marketing because the products and services being promoted help others achieve their dreams and goals. A couple of things have occurred in the last few weeks.
Since joining AR most people know me as the guy who works for Donald Trump. Well, I left Trump University and my days marketing real estate investment classes and events … (1 comments)

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