marketing strategy: Giving Back with 1 Hour of Your Time - 12/29/11 01:22 AM
Giving Back with 1 Hour of Your TimeOn Monday I spent one-hour helping out a NYC real estate professional who needed marketing help.  People move around in their careers for many reasons and for most change is hard so I figured let me help Aldo out and see if there was a way for us to work together.  After all I am a marketer with years of experience and hands on knowledge that I can share.  In addition, my work experience has giving me the opportunity to work on many real estate marketing projects.  It was time to give back and … (4 comments)

marketing strategy: Marketing Your Business with Postcards - 10/18/10 12:56 PM
Marketing Your Business with Postcards - the good, bad and the ugly The postcard has many uses in marketing.  Over the last few days I have been thinking a lot about their pros and cons.  I figured I would share my list about the simple marketing postcard.
A postcard by USPS standards is no larger then 4x6.  So when should you use this potentially very effective direct mail device?
Postage is lower then any other class of mail Fast and easy to print and mail out Inexpensive to produce in small or large quantities Great for timely promotions or specials … (23 comments)

marketing strategy: Improve Video and Images for Higher Ranking in Search Engines - 07/28/10 09:35 AM
Some great info on SEO and using video to rank in the search engines. 
How To Improve your Video and Images for Higher Ranking in the Search Engines.
Acquiring SEO and traffic to your Blog or Website using great content, titles, descriptions, and keywords etc. has always been a subtle yet powerful strategy in the Blogging community.  Many new businesses and individuals don't start off blogging or creating websites with the understanding of how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works, or why it might be important to their success. In time... they learn. We all do.
In my travels around … (9 comments)

marketing strategy: Lead Generation Strategies – Live on BlogTalkRadio - 03/16/10 10:02 AM
At the end of my post on Education Marketing I invited everyone to tune in for my continuing education marketing story.  Well, now you can really "Tune-In"...
Through the power of networking I was asked to join the founder of the LinkedIN group .eduMarketer with a new radio show.  The show will cover many topics related to marketing educational products, services and programs.  While we will focus on the education industry many of the ideas and strategies apply to real estate and other industries which rely on lead generation activities.
Please join us live on Blog Talk Radio for the first … (2 comments)

marketing strategy: Are You Going to Celebrate Pi Day? - 03/10/10 06:56 AM
A few weeks ago I wrote about average holiday cards. I suggested that companies should create their own holiday to stand out and do something different or dare I say remarkable.  Well next week we are going to have some fun.  March 14 is Pi day and we are celebrating all things math.  Keep in mind this is an education company so this works for us but if you can get creative with your business there is no reason not to have a Pi party of your own.
Maybe serve pie at all your showings this week. Or give pies out … (8 comments)

marketing strategy: I'd Like To Thank The Academy And - 03/18/09 03:11 AM

OK I am not attending the Academy Awards or the Emmys nor have I been nominated for any awards (why is that by the way...) but I am attending the John Caples International Awards this Thursday evening.  This is a big event in the direct marketing community and this year I was invited to attend (OK you can buy a ticket too but invitations are more fun.) My friends at Alloy Marketing (my hosts) are the sponsors of the first annual Student Campaign of the Year.  This evening should be full of excitement since none of the finalist campaigns, companies … (4 comments)

marketing strategy: The Marketing Process Gone Awry - 07/29/08 10:07 AM
How many people have a say in your marketing plans? Your creative? Your strategy?
For a great example of how a simple idea can get messed up by having too many people providing creative direction without clear goals and objectives take a few minutes and watch this video.
Everyone can be a marketing expert (they probably are not) but everyone should not have a say in your marketing.  Keep it simple and on point and you will see the return on your efforts.
Enjoy the video.

marketing strategy: Are they kidding me - 01/28/08 12:27 PM
Over the years I have seen many different marketing strategies and media channels but the one that was waiting for me at my desk takes the cake. ATM receipt advertising. I guess this makes sense if you want to waste your marketing money while people take out their own...
It makes sense to advertise in this medium if you are the bank and want one additional touch point but do you think a consumer is going to take action based on an ad they see on the back of a bank slip? 
Here are some of the sales points made in the … (1 comments)

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