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Marketing Sales Folks– stop with the marketing buzz words they are a clear sign you don’t understand marketing. I have posted about sales calls a few times.  However the other day I was on a call and the sales person just tossed out one buzz word after the next.  It was clear to me and would be t...
This happened to me just the other day.  Good to know there is a way to prevent it from happening again in the future. Thanks CTS for posting this useful info.  Another Stellar Opt Out Moment Brought To You By Facebook... Yes, I am being sarcastic (LOL). I love you guys but stop adding me to your...
This looks pretty interesting.  I plan on playing around on this site over the weekend.  Talk about web 2.0 this is social media 2.0...  This Moment - A new Social Media Way To Record and Share the past, the now, and the future! What are you doing right at this very moment?  Well you're reading t...
The company I work for, StraighterLine, is moving its offices to the Emerging Technology Centers (ETC) at 1101 East 33rd Street, Baltimore MD.  I saw the space a few weeks ago and it is a great building.  Of course I forgot to snap some photos of the place.  The facility used to be a high school ...
The future is now...Call someone from your gmail account.  It was even on the news last night.Call Phones from Gmail - Now We're Talking! This is great news folks. The "Inside of the Internet World" just keeps on pushing and reaching out to connect with the "Outside World" and today, there's a ne...
I am a big fan of word of mouth marketing. I always gather (or give when requested) referrals from friends and family when I need a service or a product. So it occurred to me why not let our customers do all the talking for us. Last week we put together this video with one of our students. She lo...
Social networking is great.  We all know that but every now and then you should go to a in-person networking meeting.  You never know who you are going to meet.  I have been attending the NJ Open Coffee networking meeting that takes place every Friday at 10:30am.  We meet at It’s a Grind Coffee s...
Thanks to Cheryl's post I reactivated my Posterous account and plan on using it going forward.  I have only heard good things about the services so check it out when you have a second.POSTERIZE!! Do you have a self-hosted WordPress blog?  Do you also use Posterous? You could, of course, post to P...
Fast Company is doing something interesting with social media.  They have set up a site to determine who the most influential person is by tracking sign ups and pass alongs of your link.  Everyone that participates is supposedly going to get their picture in the November issue when they reveal th...
  CTS as always has found a great piece and shared it with the community.  I recommend watching the video.  It is a great piece of marketing work and might even inspire you. Ever have someone send you a link where the presentation is so engaging that despite yourself y...

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