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There is always a lot happening at Trump University and this week is no different. This is a list of events and trainings going on at Trump University. Attend one of our Free Real Estate Investment Classes at either of the following locations: Las Vegas, NV Mar 30, 2009 - Apr 1, 2009 Learn More ...
Trump University is going social! Coming soon, we have a unique opportunity featuring Mr. Trump himself! Watch for the news... So let's talk about Social Media. On the Internet, conversations don't happen all in one place. They are all over the place. That's why Trump University is reaching out t...
There is a lot happening this week at Trump University and I wanted to share it with my readers. Attend one of our Free Real Estate Investment Classes at either of the following locations: Denver, CO/ Colorado Springs, CO Mar 23, 2009 - Mar 26, 2009 Learn More and Register Here   San Antonio, TX ...
OK I am not attending the Academy Awards or the Emmys nor have I been nominated for any awards (why is that by the way...) but I am attending the John Caples International Awards this Thursday evening.  This is a big event in the direct marketing community and this year I was invited to attend (...
I of course want to invite all my readers to this little event in NJ.  It should be fun. The Outside Blog Minion Report Friday, March 13, 2009 Josef Katz     Lizette Fitzpatrick     Sheldon Neal     Carolyn Tann-Starr FB Trivia 1 FB Trivia 2 We are going to start embedding the Gigglefest Cover in...
Even if you never saw the Abbott and Costello routine this is a great reminder for today's fast moving world.   Occasionally, we have all been parties to conversations that simply go awry.  There is a disconnect between the speakers.  It can seem that the other person is speaking a foreign langua...
As you might imagine working for a Trump Company includes a lot of excitement around each season of the Apprentice.   This season we are trying a few new activities and many of them are “audience participation”.  Here is a run down of what we have started and what is up and coming:   Donald Trump...
Blogging is great. I love reading and writing posts but for the last few days (weeks) I was burned out or just too busy at work.  However I did find time to podcast with a couple of great Active Rain members. Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Baltimore, MD to meet Margaret Rome in pers...
Earlier this month we put out a call for A few Good Bloggers (this was a members only post) interested in a guest column on the Trump Blog.  Well today the first of hopefully many columns by Tina Merritt was published on the Trump Blog. This is unique content from Tina that you won't find on any ...
The following quote was in a book I recently read. It is an excerpt from the Stanford University commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer. The message is a great reminder that you need to enjoy everyday as if it is your last. "..."If you live each day as if it was your last, some...

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