bank loan: Having a true passion for helping people! It makes all the difference! - 05/31/16 01:00 AM

A long-time friend asked me at a BBQ this past weekend just how many people I have helped in this business of lending anyhow, and if it ever gets "old?"
As I sat back and reflected, I tried to put a number on it. I realized that I am coming up (rather quickly) on my 18th consecutive year, helping families obtain the financing for their homes. That really put it into perspective for me.
I replied with the biggest smile, "You know what? I bet that I have helped obtain/close just over 2200 loans in my time."
"You're kidding me." … (0 comments)

bank loan: In the Lending business, testimonials like these are GOLDEN. - 05/24/16 02:33 AM

Melissa and I get our fair share of testimonials for providing excellent attention and care during the entire home buying/closing process and the latest one is no exception. I never post these to boast (even though I'm extremely proud of the things that are said and how they affect me as a professional) but rather, how YOU might relate to them. These days, a job well done is not so easy to find, even when it comes to incredibly large purchases such as homes, but wouldn't you like to feel the way David does after his transaction closed? I think … (1 comments)