home loan: Keep your credit healthy with tips you might not have thought of! - 11/15/16 11:25 PM

It's true... Credit makes the financial world go 'round.  The strength of your credit history is what determines if you qualify for a credit card, a home mortgage or a car loan and at what interest rate.
Have you always paid your credit card balance on time? Have you ever defaulted on a loan? It's all part of your credit history.
While it's possible to pay cash for all expenses, it's hard to build enough cash reserves to pay for important milestones like a college education, car or home. Keep reading to learn more about healthy ways to build and nurture your credit.
Credit bureaus will … (0 comments)

home loan: Getting your budget back in-line? Don’t get "cheap" with yourself! - 11/03/16 03:03 AM

Just a thought… If you’re trying to get your budgeting back in-line, don’t become “Too-Frugal.”
During times of financial crisis, people always seem to be thinking about how to save a buck. Canceling services they enjoy, clipping coupons, frequenting the same fast food places because of a 2 for 1 deal and sacrifice their health, and while some of that is a good idea, some of it seems a little demoralizing.
Some even splurge on a big purchase after denying oneself for too long. That’s counterproductive.
I believe a healthier model would be to spend 50% of your financial thinking time on ways you … (0 comments)

home loan: Can one too many credit pulls hurt my credit score? - 07/05/16 07:17 AM

Hey Sergio… Can one too many credit pulls for mortgage preapprovals actually hurt my score?
With a mortgage preapproval letter in hand and a down payment sitting pretty in your bank account, you’ve set off to purchase the home of your dreams. But after experiencing the bitter letdown of being outbid time after time, you’ve come to realize this whole process might take far longer than you originally thought.
Suddenly, your Boy Scout–level preparation to get that preapproval letter could put your credit score in a precarious position.
Here’s why: Getting a preapproval requires a “hard pull” on your credit, … (1 comments)

home loan: Helpful Tips For a Happy, Healthy, Home Buying Experience. - 06/28/16 01:45 PM

An important early step in the home-buying process is to make sure you can actually afford to buy.
If you’re in the market to buy a home, you may have already started shopping for properties online.
Perhaps you’ve driven by some houses “just to look” and even attended a few open houses. Well, hold on a second… You’ve already missed a crucial first step in the home-buying process.
You need to meet with me BEFORE you dive in to a home search. I know that sitting down to take a look at your finances isn’t the most thrilling part … (2 comments)

home loan: In the Lending business, testimonials like these are GOLDEN. - 05/24/16 02:33 AM

Melissa and I get our fair share of testimonials for providing excellent attention and care during the entire home buying/closing process and the latest one is no exception. I never post these to boast (even though I'm extremely proud of the things that are said and how they affect me as a professional) but rather, how YOU might relate to them. These days, a job well done is not so easy to find, even when it comes to incredibly large purchases such as homes, but wouldn't you like to feel the way David does after his transaction closed? I think … (1 comments)

home loan: Top Reasons to Buy vs Rent, even still, in 2016. - 05/17/16 03:16 AM

I was asked recently as I turned a friend who was going to rent into a homeowner, Sergio, what are the top reasons to buy a home still in 2016?
Here's the answer:
1. Interest rates are still at record lows. It’s a fact that interest rates on home loans are at historic lows, with a 30-year fixed-rate home loan still hovering around 4%.
2. Renting has increased significantly. According to the 2015 Rent.com Rental Market Report, 88% of property managers raised their rent in the past 12 months, and another hike is predicted for late 2016.
3. Home prices, … (0 comments)

home loan: Winning the Derby and Winning in Homebuying... Similar Fashion. - 05/09/16 11:57 PM

As I'm sure many of you know, Nyquist won the Kenturcky Derby just over the weekend.
Named after NHL player Gustav Nyquist, gives owner J. Paul Reddam, trainer Doug O'Neill and jockey Mario Gutierrez their second Derby winner under sunny skies and in front of the second largest crowd in Derby history. Pretty impressive.
Preparation, strength, performance, belief, determination, organization, accountability, great coaching, and of course timing all played a crucial role in this glorious achievement.
What does winning a race like this and enjoying success in home ownership have in common you ask?
There's alot more similarities than meets … (0 comments)

home loan: Don't allow your deal fall thorugh due to financing - TIPS - 05/03/16 01:02 AM

A mortgage that gets denied is one of the most common reasons a real estate deal falls through. One of the most important steps to successfully purchase a home is to get pre-approved for a mortgage before shopping for homes. The primary reason is to look for homes in your price range and don’t envision yourself in a home that’s out of your range, leading to disappointment. This is supposed to be a very fun time all this house hunting! Seems obvious right?
But, did you know that even though you get pre-approved for a mortgage before shopping for … (0 comments)