real estate: Niching Boosts Business in Tough Real Estate Markets - 09/27/07 10:41 AM
I have several clients who are niching their businesses HARD. I've been preaching "niche, niche, niche!" for years, but there's nothing like a tough market to make that niching come to the surface. For those of you who are still looking for a niche in your own market, I want to share some ideas from my current clients...
Super Senior Services
Diana Beam of specializes in helping senior citizens and their children with "RightSizing®” their lives. Her reach goes well beyond the real estate portion of her full line of senior services. This long-time Indiana Realtor has joined her real estate savvy … (4 comments)

real estate: Apple offers $100 to $200 back on iPhones - 09/06/07 11:47 AM
Were you an early adopter? Upset about having an iPhone now that the announcement was made yesterday that the price is dropping by $200 effective this weekend? Well, I have some info you may want.
In an open letter, Steve Jobs offers early adopters $100 credit toward an Apple or online store purchase for all of us who bought the iPhone early. Read about it here:
And if you purchased in the last 10-14 days... you can get up to $200 back by contacting Apple at 1-800-676-2775.
I just thought you might like to know. 
And for those who have been considering an iPhone, you … (7 comments)

real estate: A Gift for You: Ask a Broker the Dirt on Working with Outsourcing Providers and Virtual Assistants - 07/19/07 02:13 AM
Ever wondered what it would be like to have someone help you with your overwhelming work load? Have you heard about virtual assistance, about outsourcing professionals, about freelance project services for real estate, but have hesitated to try it out?
How would you like to ask a real estate broker for the real story on working with the offsite service provider? Want to know what works, what doesn't work, what he recommends and what he would recommend you avoid? Just ask!
Miguel Berger, of (and an Active Rainer himself) has agreed to host an event for all curious real estate professionals through … (2 comments)

real estate: Class Is In Session: Enjoy a Free Event Designed for New Virtual Assistants! - 07/16/07 02:30 PM is celebrating two years as a networking organization for outsourcing specialists, virtual assistants and offsite service providers. We want encourage everyone to join us as we celebrate . . .so we have developed two great events for July and August -- and we are offering them both for free!
(I'm proud to be serving on the panel for Start-Up Virtual Assistant Entrepreneurs.) 
Event #1: For Those New to the Virtual Assistant Industry (and those curious about VAs). Let us help you get a jump-start on your outsourcing career!
Ask the Specialists - July 26th at 12:00 noon (EST)
Our panelists will answer … (0 comments)

real estate: Lovin' My Shiny New iPhone! - 07/01/07 11:59 PM
Ok, I wrestled with the decision... but I did it. I broke down and got an iPhone on Friday -- despite the lines and the road-trip required to pick one up. (Maysville, over an hour away, was one of the two locations in KY that didn't sell out in the first hour -- so I made the trip!)
I now have one shiny, new 8 gig baby and after a weekend with it I must say... I LOVE IT!
Before this, I was carrying an old cell phone (because I flat refused to buy a new one until the iPhone came out), … (13 comments)

real estate: How NOT to Sell Real Estate: My Rant of the Day - 03/14/07 02:40 PM
Brace yourself. I'm on a rant...
I'm currently spending a bit of time at the beach in Ft. Pierce, Florida. It's lovely. I'm here with my mother, my grandmother and two of her sisters.
This is what I went out to see this morning before beginning my work for the day:
(I love my mobile career!) Jealous, aren'tcha?
We are staying in a family member's condo for the week, but being me, I had to take a peek at the real estate market while I'm down here. And I found a cute little cottage that seemed to be well-priced. I showed it to my … (39 comments)

real estate: Innovative Way to Market Your Blog and Yourself - 01/23/07 08:03 AM
I've come up with a few new ideas to help people market their blog while polishing up the innovation portion of a seminar I'm hosting later this week on Marketing Your Blog.
I thought it would be nice to share one of those ideas here with my Active Rain fellow-bloggers:
Cool "Blog" Cards
Why not have conversation-worthy cards to promote your blog? I found a cool source at offering "mini" cards that I think would be perfect for the bloggers out there to use to promote themselves.
I've always believed "less is more" where business and calling cards are concerned. I … (9 comments)

real estate: As the Holidays Approach: Low-Cost, High-Impact Suggestions for Give-Aways, Promotional Items and Gifts - 11/20/06 11:36 PM
I'm going to be sending out some suggestions to my own clients over the next week, but I thought I'd share a few ideas here with the Active Rain community first.
As the holidays approach, you are probably getting a brain-strain trying to figure out how to plan your promotional items for the New Year, or how to touch your current clients as the deals get harder to close in the current economic environment... or maybe you just want to send out something that says "thank you" during the holiday season.
You should match your promotional items to your niche (and if you … (12 comments)

real estate: Another Online Tool of Merit for Mobile Professionals - 11/20/06 04:52 AM
I try to keep abreast of the cool new online tools that I think may be beneficial to real estate agents, brokers and other entrepreneurs that tend to be mobile.
Although this is one that I investigated some time back, I recently reviewed some of my favorites (during a flurry of organization, in preparation for the New Year) and rediscovered "Backpack It."
If you are looking for a place to grab and organize multiple projects that you can access from anywhere, you may want to sign up for this free service of note... "BackPack-it" ... an online "filing" and reminder and collection location.
Visit … (0 comments)

real estate: Resources for Paper-Lovers: Low-Tech Organizational Solutions for a High-Tech Industry - 11/15/06 11:59 PM
I've been reading quite a few posts on the importance of technology in Real Estate and the importance of low-tech (classic) service. Heck, I've been writing them too!
In the vein of using technology to provide classic service (and classic paper-based tools in this case)... I wanted to share a great resource. When you have a few moments, click on over to
This site offers the best and brightest of "print it off yourself" forms for organizers, checklists, and also offers a great library of articles on time management, organization and the GTD (getting things done) program. And, it's not just for … (8 comments)

real estate: Home Inspector Uses Tablet PC - 11/13/06 08:57 AM
On the topic of technology that's useful, portable and makes life easier, I thought this story by a home inspector was a great addition!
I tripped across this story about a home inspector, Dana Bostick in California that I thought the other tech-lovers here on ActiveRain would like. He's a self-professed geek, and he wrote his own "how I use it" story over on (a great website for the mobile geek-at-heart).

real estate: Writing, Marketing and Technology: It's about the service, not the tools - 11/11/06 06:17 AM
I had a blog comment from Rob Lang today that reminded me that I may appear to be promoting technology for its own sake, which is not really my intent.
I'm a writer. That's my first love. That's my calling. I have a professional background in marketing and a personal love of technology. That, over a period of years, resulted in the development of my writing business as one that specifically serves clients in need of web content and online marketing services. It was a natural progression... albeit probably an odd one.
Rob's comment gave me pause for thought...and recognition that I needed … (8 comments)

real estate: Mobile Communications: How Hard Do I Have to Work to Call You? - 11/10/06 08:20 AM
I want to take a moment to talk about the customer service aspects of making it easy to call you.
As a real estate agent... your objective is to get people to pick up the phone and dial your number. You don't want ANYTHING to dissuade them. Do you?
Then you may want to consider the following...
Pick a Number, Any Number 
One thing I've noticed about my work with real estate agents... they seem to believe that the more numbers they publish on their websites and business cards, the better! (This is especially true of new agents). They try to give their potential … (6 comments)

real estate: Make Mine Mobile: Is a Tablet PC For You? - 11/10/06 05:51 AM
If you haven't already looked into a Tablet PC, you probably should. It makes being "mobile" less of an endurance test and more of a joy.
I highly recommend a slate because:
It's lighter (and who wants to lug around 30 pounds of stuff these days?)It's less obtrusive (clients will think you are just jotting notes on a notepad, unless they are really paying attention) -- there's no "screen" to come between you and the client you are serving "face-to-face"You can use it with one hand -- without balancing it on your knee and trying to keyboard while attempting to maintain eye-contact with … (11 comments)

real estate: Technology: Yours, Mine and Ours - How I Work and Why I Love My Tablet PC - 11/10/06 04:57 AM
I loved the Treo 600 and my Treo 650 for over two years. I still miss the portability of the device, the flexibility, the ways I learned to push it to the limits (see this Post on the Treo 650), but then I investigated the Tablet PC.
I purchased a Tablet PC because... well...
I'm a geek and I can't resist a sweet new piece of technology that I can manage to justify for my business budget. (Just being honest!) I honestly believed it's the next "must have" tech tool for real estate agents. Since 80% of my clients are real estate … (11 comments)

real estate: Yahoo! and Google Dabble in Real Estate - 11/09/06 02:26 PM
Most of you have probably heard of -- even played with -- the new Yahoo! Real Estate Search Tool, but I'd be willing to bet that very few of you have seen a "sneak peak" of the new Google Real Estate tool.
It's still in what I'd call "pre-alpha" -- although I have no idea what the Google developers are calling it -- and has been discovered via the back end by some people so geeky they make me look chic!
You can go take your own peek at this, the future of home search (IMHO), HERE. 
It will be interesting to see how … (2 comments)

real estate: Learn How People Relate to Physical Places, Homes and Objects - 11/08/06 09:26 AM
As a professional real estate agent, broker or relocation specialist, you may be interested to know the complicated attachments people make with physical places and objects. I recently discovered the following free education unit on this particular topic, called "The Meaning of Home." Understanding these relationships may help you to market properties, appeal to individual needs and desires, and provide more personalized service.
Personally, I think it's fascinating and I thought you may think so too:

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