technology: A Gift for You: Ask a Broker the Dirt on Working with Outsourcing Providers and Virtual Assistants - 07/19/07 02:13 AM
Ever wondered what it would be like to have someone help you with your overwhelming work load? Have you heard about virtual assistance, about outsourcing professionals, about freelance project services for real estate, but have hesitated to try it out?
How would you like to ask a real estate broker for the real story on working with the offsite service provider? Want to know what works, what doesn't work, what he recommends and what he would recommend you avoid? Just ask!
Miguel Berger, of (and an Active Rainer himself) has agreed to host an event for all curious real estate professionals through … (2 comments)

technology: Chicken Little and the Modern Age: Solar Storms and Global Technology Disruption - 06/07/07 10:20 PM
Under the file of "I don't have enough to worry about in my life today" comes news from that I now need to worry about solar "superstorms" that will cause multi-state blackouts, make satellites fall from the sky, cause "economic devistation" and...
Disrupt my cell phone service -- for an extended period of time!
The news comes from Purdue University Physics experts and the predicted ETA for these storms is in five years... in 2012. Read more about the historical precedent for these storms (back before we were so dependent on disruptable technology) and the predictions for the next solar superstorm for … (3 comments)

technology: City vs. Rural - 05/25/07 09:57 PM
I haven't really fallen off the face of the earth... I've just been moving. I've left my rural existence for a more urban one in Lexington, Kentucky -- at least for a year or two -- due to family needs. Although this wasn't something I'd planned, I thought I'd take a moment to give some of the pros and cons of the lifestyle change for a techie:
Pros for living in the city:
My cell phone is NEVER out of range now¬†DSL is faster here (and cheaper)Best Buy is a short drive awayCan you say Starbucks?I can buy organic foods (beyond vegetables … (2 comments)

technology: Just for Fun: Picture Your Website as a Cluster Graph - 02/03/07 06:34 AM
By now, everyone has seen the mindmapping software, most of you have probably tried out the visual thesaurus online (if not, you really should).
But this little discovery of the day one was both a novel and intriguing twist on this cluster-graph concept. I played with the tool and created my own graph of my business site (see the graph of to the right), and my blog site too.
It was something I thought my Active Rain friends may enjoy. It's a great way to distract yourself from your "real" work and see your website (or your blog) in a whole new … (3 comments)

technology: Do-it-Yourself: Recovering Data From a Crashed Hard Drive - 01/31/07 02:44 AM
I've had an external hard drive (where I keep all my important data) crash down on me twice in as many months. Last time, I did the hair-pulling, "woe is me" routine for a bit before reformatting the blasted thing and reloading it. Because I use a Tablet PC, the external drive is pretty essential to my in-office work.
Last time, it showed no bad sectors. Last time, I found a hidden little file in there that I attributed with the wreaking of havoc on my life. Once the well-hidden and previously undetected file was extracted, I figured I was ok. … (7 comments)

technology: Better Browsing: For the Love of FireFox - 11/09/06 02:57 PM

I love Firefox. I despise IE. I use IE only long enough to ensure that my own webs and my client's site resolve properly using that browser. Then, lickety-split, I'm back to FireFox where I can browse in tabs, where I can worry less about security issues, where I can customize my browser to serve me the way I work, and where I can be a part of a community of software developers and users that create objects for their peers. It's a geeky community, but an enjoyable one.
Yeah, I know the new IE 7.0 offers its own "tabbed" browsing, but … (3 comments)

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