telecommunications: Chicken Little and the Modern Age: Solar Storms and Global Technology Disruption - 06/07/07 10:20 PM
Under the file of "I don't have enough to worry about in my life today" comes news from that I now need to worry about solar "superstorms" that will cause multi-state blackouts, make satellites fall from the sky, cause "economic devistation" and...
Disrupt my cell phone service -- for an extended period of time!
The news comes from Purdue University Physics experts and the predicted ETA for these storms is in five years... in 2012. Read more about the historical precedent for these storms (back before we were so dependent on disruptable technology) and the predictions for the next solar superstorm for … (3 comments)

telecommunications: Net Neutrality, the Internet and Real Estate Agents - 10/28/06 08:47 AM
The issue of Net Neutrality seems to be passing by many small business owners, real estate agents, independents and entrepreneurs unnoticed. This concerns me. 
It concerns me because if things continue on the current path, those of us who depend on the Internet to make a living, to share information, to do research (unfettered by filters and directed web searches) may be endangered species.
I've been blogging on my own sites about this topic for some time, but I thought I should post a few "did you know" facts here for those agents and brokers who are interested in keeping their listings, their … (5 comments)

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