A while back I wrote a blog about my own personal experience in searching for property listing in another state in order to do a between the job interview, whirl wind tour of listings with my wife in a town we would be looking at moving to should she land a new job in that state.  This is a follo...
marketmedia,LLC DBA Kansas 360 Tours, Topeka Virtual Tours, Lawrence 360 Tours. Services for residential virtual home tours & commercial real estate tours, real estate photography, Aerial Photography. Is pleased to announce marketmedia,LLC has released it's youtube channel for enhancing it's Kans...
Hello active rain, We have some exciting news to release to the public as well as our future clients in the northeast Kansas area of Topeka, Lawrence & Kansas City. marketmedia, LLC has moved is operation to Lawrence Kansas and is offering real virtual tours as Lawrence 360 tours. Lawrence Kansas...
Hello AR, Well it's been awhile that I've posted a blog, that would be due to me TCB and not having the time and that is a good thing, it means business is good. As a real estate marketing company owner in the Dayton & Cincinnati Ohio area I always see listings in another ...
As a full service virtual tour builder and real estate photographer in the Dayton & Cincinnati Ohio area I have been telling some of my clients that in todays tough market  it pays to think outside the box. That's right folks the tricks that worked in years past are gone and if you want to remain...
So your out there in the real estate world and you work hard to land a listing and now that you have landed an account, it's time to market the listing, like many other agents you try to skimp and save a few bucks, so you go ahead and buy it one of those "do it yourself " virtual tour systems and...
What dose it say about you the real estate agent, when you show up to your clients home and shoot one of those poorly lit slideshow type virtual tours or one of those nauseating quarter pan type virtual tours?  It's says, "hi I'm your agent and I'm to cheap to hire a real photographer and spend m...

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