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Yesterday my kindergartner announced that it was the last day of Summer.  She did a spinning movement with arms stretched high and announced "goodbye summer, see you next year".  This morning she announced that today it was Fall.  She opened the window shade and started explaining how things were...
Do you avoid discussing Sex Offenders with buyers?  There is a free Registered Sex Offenders Map Application I downloaded onto my Droid called Safe Neighborhood which made me think about how registered sex offenders may affect home buyers.  The name implies that if there are no sex offenders livi...
Here are 3 quick bathroom cleaning tips because home buyers want to see clean bathrooms.  These are all tips provided to me by past clients.  Keep rolls of basic white paper towels handy.  Wiping everything with a disposable paper towel is quick and easy from mirror toothpaste splatter to soap sc...
Yes.  I discovered that a new Stainless Steel Energy Star Refrigerator will pay for itself in electricity savings.  My 1989 Almond Fridge works perfectly but after 21 maintenance free years I just want a Stainless Steel Fridge.  I need a good reason to dump the almond fridge since we are in a rec...
If you want to loose 92 Active Rain points then my advice is to simply go to sleep.  The big red box on my Home Page said 25,001 Points just before I logged off last night (I was thinking it would have been fun to see 25,000 exactly).  This morning I log in and the big red box says 25,009 points....
The Texas No Cell Phone Use in School Zones Law  went into effect over a year ago so the police are no longer giving out warnings.  They simply write a ticket for a $200 fine. So put the cell phone down before you get to the school zone. "Sorry, I need to go, there's a school zone ahead." In addi...
The Fire Investigator determined the cause of the fire was a faulty lawn sprinkler system control panel in the garage.  The home was monitored for burglary & fire but the smoke detectors were located in the bedrooms and halllways.  The fire had to burn through the garage & utility room before smo...
On Friday my laptop died and I didn't have a back up plan.  I learned that backing up data from my computer is really simple.  If you don't currently back up your computer then hopefully this may motivate you to get off your backside and get backed up. I procrastinated because it sounded complica...
Dan Rosenberger from Harvest Realty in Westfield Indiana wrote a great blog below on how current interest rates make homes more affordable.  The chart Dan uses to illustrate a $1,000 monthly mortgage payment with differing loan amounts really helps home buyersunderstand what a 4% interest rate m...
Co-Serv homeowners in The Colony Texas can have a free home energy audit.  Co-Serv has an Energy Management team who conducts free energy audits on Co-Serv members' homes. Every Colony TX Homeowner wants lower utility bills. Everybody likes free.  Get a free home energy audit and lower your utili...

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