las vegas real estate: A short sale music video? It's true! - 12/21/12 02:20 AM
As a Las Vegas real estate agent specializing in short sales, it's hard to reach homeowners in distress.
It makes sense that if you're not paying your mortgage, you're going to get calls and letters, maybe even a visit to your home by the bank.  So many people stop answering their phones, reading their mail or opening their front door.
The majority of my clients have gone through so much anguish before calling me that I wanted to create a way to open a line of communication in a non-threatening way.
My idea turned into the world's first short sale music video.  Click … (2 comments)

las vegas real estate: Fannie Mae’s evil plot exposed - 10/28/12 05:59 AM
Just in time for Halloween, I want to tell you something scary that’s no ghost story. Over the last few weeks, I’ve laid the groundwork for today’s topic – Fannie Mae – and their sinister plan to change the world!
OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic and overstated – you tell me.
Two weeks ago, I told you that everything depends on the appraisal and how low appraisals can cause a sale to be cancelled. Low appraisals are also keeping market values lower and stagnant (although we’ve seen a 13.5% increase in value in the last year in Las Vegas.)
Last … (167 comments)

las vegas real estate: Will your new home have a checkered past? - 04/29/12 05:27 AM
Yesterday would have been my dad’s 74th birthday and I dedicate this week’s article to him. My dad was a court reporter (you know, the guy – mostly women now – who “types” on that little machine in the courtroom.) It certainly wasn’t a common job when I was growing up and most people didn’t understand what he did.
He worked for the District Attorney’s office and when there was a crime committed, he was “on call” to take someone’s confession 24 hours a day.
On November 14, 1974, my dad was called in the middle of the night to go … (2 comments)

las vegas real estate: Can you handle the truth about selling Las Vegas Real Estate? - 04/01/12 12:50 AM
Over the last few weeks there have been a lot of stories about folks going a little crazy. First was the filmmaker of “KONY 2012″ – Jason Russell, who was running up and down the sidewalk in San Diego naked, cursing at cars passing by. Then there was the soldier in Afghanistan who went on a shooting rampage, allegedly killing 16 civilians.
This week, a JetBlue pilot flying from New York to Las Vegas had a meltdown during the flight and scared the heck out of everyone, running up and down the aisle saying pretty alarming things until he was tackled … (0 comments)

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