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  by: Ralph Mark Maupin     While most people think the idea of going through peoples’ garbage is disgusting, to an identity thief the reward is worth doing the dirty work for.  The average victim is worth over $30,000.    The scary part is dumpster diving is not a crime if the trash is left in a...
   by: Ralph Mark Maupin   Dumpsters are not just for commercial or industrial sites.  Many people who live just outside of common municipalities have to use a dumpster service for their trash pick-up service.  There are many different cases where a dumpster rental service is the best option.   A...
  By: Ralph Mark Maupin    Spring time is a busy time for dumpster rental companies; if you have a large clean-up to do, book your dumpster delivery early to be sure the company has one available to suit your needs.   Dumpsters are available in a range of sizes and shapes to accommodate any size ...
  “Dumpsters Detroit” About Container Service: Ash Cans and Trash Bins         Hotel and resort owners know how important it is to maintain the outside of their establishment.  First impressions are very important so litter and debris, spread all over the parking lot or front of the hotel or reso...
  Pat Gage spoke to a group of real estate investors at a club event in Michigan By: Ralph Maupin Detroit MI—Those who have successful businesses know that it was not easy to get where they are now, but through hard work and determination they have made it.  Many now dream of taking things to the...
      High-Interest Business Debt chokes the life out of your Business   By: Ralph Mark Maupin   Trenton, NJ--High-interest business debt chokes the life out of a business as month after month it eats away at profits.  Just like a ball and chain, it stops a small business owner from going to the ...
    Starting your own business is one route to financial freedom; the risk and the rewards can be huge, and anyone who's done it before will tell you that you will need much more money than you think you will. By: Ralph Mark Maupin Washington DC, MD—Pat Gage advises business owners, “If you think...
    National Speakers Upset Over Pat Gage Giving Away Trade Secrets for Free-- The "10 Steps To Money Quick Start" CD   By: Ralph Maupin Santa Fe, NM—Pat Gage, the Opportunity Creator, shared some valuable information about business lines of credit at an investor’s meeting in Santa Fe.   He said ...
    Six Reasons to establish a dependable source of money now rather than waiting for a crisis or emergency situation   By: Ralph Maupin Richmond, VA—Pat Gage, the Opportunity Creator, attended a conference where he explained that if small business owners are down and out nobody will lend them a ...
    Business credit expert reveals keys to getting credit without it being reported to your personal credit report  By: Ralph Maupin     Salt Lake City, UT--Business owners who need access to cash find themselves facing a major challenge finding a dependable, easy-to-use source of funds that does...

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Blog focus is on real estate investing, investing speakers, events, clubs, landlord groups, blogging, SEO, internet marketing, and marketing.