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  Spam or good content is the question? I apologies if I offended anyone posting too many blogs on dryer vents. I will not post in the future to that level. All of my content was different and I though on the point.  I am passionate on subject and I hunted down company that was making difference ...
  Be Careful What You Store Near your Clothes Dryer   If you are like a lot of people, your clothes dryer is in a laundry room that also serves a number of purposes. It is not just a place to wash your clothes, but also often a place for the safe keeping of a number of other cleaning supplies, al...
  by:  Ralph  Mark Maupin   The best way to keep your clothes dryer in good working order is to know the kinds of warning signs that can tip you off that something will go wrong if you don't act soon. It's best to be able to head off a problem before it becomes too bad or until the dryer no longe...
  Do It Yourself - Cleaning Out Your Dryer Vent bu: Ralph Mark Maupin   If you are part of a family that is regularly using the clothes dryer, you may wonder how much maintenance is enough to make sure it's running efficiently and safely.    Constant Maintenance   Cleaning the lint trap – This is...
  Clothes Dryer Fire Prevention   You may think of doing your laundry as a relatively low impact and low danger activity. But if your dryer is not properly installed and maintained, it could well be a disaster waiting to happen.   There are thousands of house fires started every year by clothes d...
  Clothes Dryer Maintenance to Keep Bugs Out   If you have a bug problem in your house, you have probably called exterminators or tried your own bug traps to get rid of the pesky critters. But this is just a temporary solution until more bugs come in to be caught. The real way to get rid of bugs ...
Energy Savings Through Dryer Maintenance   by :  Ralph  Mark  Maupin   In these days of rising prices on nearly everything you may be looking for a couple of ways to cut corners wherever you can and put a little more money into your pocketbook. One way to do that is to make sure your clothes drye...
  Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Clogged Dryer Vents   If you have a gas powered clothes dryer in your home, regular maintenance on that appliance could mean a difference between life and death.   As you know, using gas appliances can lead to a major cost savings in your wallet, it also comes with a...
  Looking For Hidden Lint in Your Dryer and Ducts    by : Mark Maupin   If you are good about making sure you remove the dryer lint before every load of laundry is put in it, you may be skeptical about the idea of having a major cleaning of your dryer done every year.   It could be that when you ...
by: Ralph Mark Maupin  When you are putting your home through the paces day in and day out, do you ever think about the impact you are having on the appliances in your home? Let's look at your clothes dryer. It is willing to work for you at any hour and generally does this without complaint. Like...

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Blog focus is on real estate investing, investing speakers, events, clubs, landlord groups, blogging, SEO, internet marketing, and marketing.