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  Bill Bartmann says making mistakes is human. But it’s what you do with the mistakes you make that will decide whether you are the type of person who is bound for success or bound for repeated failure.      There are a number of types of mistakes that you may have made in your past which may st...
    Ron Le Grand is coming to Detroit and he can help investors seize the unique opportunities we have in Real Estate Investing in Michigan.  We now have international and national buyers coming to Michigan to buy.  Ron has been called “ The World’s Leading Expert at Quick Turning houses”.  He ca...
  How can you Survive a Down Economy?     Herb Strather has been a real estate investor, nationally recognized investment counselor and commercial mortgage
  Learn how to make money anywhere, regardless of the Ecomnomy.  Be your own “Stimulus Package”   Internet Guru Matt Bacak, America’s #1 Internet Marketing Guru, Will share his secrets of  how he used the internet to become a millionaire by age 27.  He is to speak at the 2-Day event at Cobo.  Mat...
  It will seem like it‘s to Good to be True, Bill Duquette talks about Loan Modifications   Learn what a Loan Modification is and how it can make a difference for you in this economy and how it can make you money.  This is one of the things Bill specializes in as a Wealth Builder, Real Estate Inv...
  Are you unemployed or worried about losing your job? Even if you have a job, you are just one phone call from being out on the street.  Just ask Rick Wagoner, former president of General Motors.   With the right information and tools you can get rich in this terrible economy.  As a matter of fa...
  Travis Peterson Locates the BEST cash flow deals in the country with a average return of 20%-45%.  He Creates INSTANT investors at every event he is at.  He consistently buys and sells over 100 properties per month.  His deals give back a average of $6,000 to $19,000 at closing.   He can show y...
      Robert Schumake will be sharing, “3 ways you can make money in real estate in this market” at the upcoming 2Day Event, “Blueprint to Wealth Seminar”.       Mr Shumake is the CEO of Inheritance Capital Group (ICG).  ICG is a Michigan based private equity real estate investment and developmen...
  Pat Gage can tell you how to get credit for your business!  Pat puts on an amazing seminar jam-packed with great information. He is very knowlegable about this subject because he doesn't just teach it, he actually does it.   I have heard Pat multiple times at many events and boy does he deliver...
    Learn how the small guy can own a piece of commercial real estate secured by stock. Marcus L. Murray, RN, ChFC, CM, RFC. Is an Industry Expert. Mr. Murray has been serving clients since 1988. Mr. Murray works closely with his clients assisting them in the area of estate planning, succession p...

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Blog focus is on real estate investing, investing speakers, events, clubs, landlord groups, blogging, SEO, internet marketing, and marketing.