frost and remer insurance: Frost & Remer Reveals 6 Popular Discounts for Flat Rock Auto Insurance - 03/17/13 10:19 PM
Local provider Frost & Remer discloses six (6) popular discounts available for Flat Rock auto insurance buyers.
Flat Rock, MI – Frost & Remer insurance provider in Flat Rock discloses six (6) discount opportunities available to Flat Rock auto insurance buyers. With the growing prices in the economy, the ability to save a percentage from a product or service is an advantage. Added with the fact that the State of Michigan requires Flat Rock auto insurance for each driver, it is essential to discover methods on lowering the premium’s overall cost, particularly with the help of discounts.
Most people get excited … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Flat Rock Health Insurance: 3 Practical Tips to Cut Down Cost - 03/03/13 05:24 PM
Frost & Remer discloses three (3) practical ways in cutting down Flat Rock Health Insurance expenses.
Flat Rock, MI – Locally operating insurance company Frost & Remer shares three smart points in lowering Flat Rock health insurance expenses. The cost of the local health care is increasing annually, and many people fail to see available options for saving money regarding their wellness. In 2010, President Barrack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), a mandate that ensures everyone who needs coverage will be able to obtain proper health insurance. While the effect of this law is still uncertain, … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Auto Insurance Flat Rock MI: 3 Key Factors Affecting Cost - 02/17/13 09:15 AM
Frost & Remer reveals three (3) factors that affect the overall cost of auto insurance Flat Rock MI.
Flat Rock, MI – Homegrown insurance label Frost & Remer reveals factors that affects the overall price of purchasing auto insurance Flat Rock MI. Being a mandate to every driver in the state, individuals who wishes to ride their vehicles on Michigan streets must comply with the No-Fault law, requiring them to obtain auto insurance. While many have tried to live by this mandate by just purchasing insurance without much thought, it is essential for every consumer to be practical and buy auto insurance that is … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: 3 Smart Tips for Buying Health Insurance Flat Rock MI - 02/04/13 01:40 AM
Flat Rock, MI – Frost & Remer, a homegrown insurance company, discloses 3 tips for buying health insurance Flat Rock MI aimed for practical consumers. Buyers tend to be overwhelmed when buying individual health insurances, with the many prices and options available online and offline. Now that the need for this kind of security arises especially due to the Obama Care act, health insurance takes a big part in everyone’s budget.
However, buying health insurance Flat Rock MI is a good decision, says Frost & Remer ( By selecting the right plan for one’s health, consumers can enjoy health security not … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Auto Insurance Michigan Company Emphasizes No Fault Mandate Effects - 01/13/13 08:50 PM
Flat Rock, MI – Homegrown insurance company Frost & Remer takes to details the importance of the No Fault Mandate and its role in auto insurance Michigan companies. By law, Michigan residents must comply with the local no-fault Michigan auto insurance coverage. This includes any and every car they register within the state. In many ways, the no fault mandate differs from many similar type of insurance, such as tort, which is a popular system in many states. Those who acquire no-fault have testified that policies have better benefits and coverage, as well as reducing administrative and litigation costs.
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frost and remer insurance: 5 Pitfalls Searching for Michigan Health Insurance Policies - 01/07/13 06:53 AM
Flat Rock, MI – Locally established insurance company Frost & Remer shares the 5 common pitfalls in searching for Michigan health insurance. Choosing health insurance coverage can be a challenging task, especially for beginners.  When not wary of the facts, one can end up buying a wrong policy with the wrong price. It is necessary for any interested individual to see the scope of health insurance plans within his state before finalizing a decision and buying coverage.

Frost & Remer ( reminds consumers to make a better choice by avoiding these mistakes most commonly made by the overeager buyer:
Prioritizing … (2 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Frost & Remer Explains Michigan Auto Insurance No Fault Policy Effect - 12/17/12 10:32 AM
Flat Rock, MI – Local Michigan auto insurance provider Frost & Remer discusses the significance of No Fault policy for drivers. No Fault is required by Michigan’s law, and in order to register a vehicle, one must possess a certain list of coverage. The root of this matter is the increasing injury and damage claims, and in order to elude further catastrophes, the state mandates every vehicle owner to be insured; at any rate that their car is involved in an accident, their insurance companies must pay amounts deemed as reasonable and customary.

Frost & Remer ( discloses detailed information … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Frost & Remer Highlights Effect of Health Insurance Michigan Reforms - 12/04/12 04:58 AM
Frost & Remer, a locally based company, shares the influence of new health care reforms on health insurance Michigan.
Flat Rock, MI – Community based insurance company Frost & Remer Insurance sheds light on the effect of the Obama Care mandate in the health insurance Michigan market. Health insurance has always been among the top priorities of Michigan in the last five years. On 2008, the state was ranked to be the nation’s 5th healthiest state, with 3.7 deaths in every 100,000 workers. There has been a drop of 18% in the number of impoverished or malnourished children, and there is … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Insight into Michigan Auto Insurance: Laws, Coverage and Discounts - 11/14/12 12:20 AM
Flat Rock, MI – Locally operating Michigan auto insurance company Frost & Remer discloses details about auto insurance laws, coverage and discounts in the state. Buying insurance, in general, has always been difficult, especially at the dismal economy felt nationwide presently. People could overlook this expense as something unnecessary, but certainly not when it is required.  In Michigan, having auto insurance is mandatory for everyone who plans to drive on public roads within the state. Its No-fault law suggests that when an individual is involved in an accident, their Michigan auto insurance will cover all the damages, regardless whose fault it … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Michigan Health Insurance Discusses Coverage for the Self-Employed - 11/01/12 02:46 AM
Michigan based brand Frost & Remer discusses the importance of Michigan health insurance for those who are self-employed.
Flat Rock, MI – A local brand of health insurance shares details on how self-employed individuals can purchase their own Michigan health insurance. In the midst of a failing economy, paying for health insurance can be difficult. Those who are employed may gain an advantage by acquiring their health insurance Michigan from their companies, but how about the coverage of those who are self-employed?
Frost & Remer Insurance (, a company owned by Frost, Remer & Mercure, takes a deeper look in this … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Auto Insurance Michigan: Frost & Remer Reveals 10 Ways to Save - 10/14/12 10:19 PM
Flat Rock, MI – People are always looking to save money, but in a tough economy, it is especially important for people to find ways to cut costs to fit more inside their budgets.  Locally established insurance company Frost & Remer shared ten (10) ways for buyers to be able to save money on their auto insurance Michigan policy.

As a No-Fault state, Michigan remains strict with its vehicle regulation. Continuously car owners are made aware of the street safety measures regarding their automobiles. It is essential for people to have their Michigan auto insurance policy activated before their cars … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Frost & Remer Posts Health Insurance Michigan Buyers Checklist - 10/01/12 01:14 AM
Flat Rock, Michigan – The insurance company Frost & Remer discloses a beneficial guideline that will aid those who are planning to purchase health insurance Michigan. Michigan health insurance is a wide blanket full of options from which one can choose.

Michigan health insurance is not a one-size service, where one insurance policy or service unwaveringly fits all people’s needs, Frost & Remer reveals, and with numerous plans available within the market, buyers will find advantages and drawbacks with each insurance policy in some way. To determine which best suits their needs, buyers should be meticulous about choosing their providers … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Michigan Auto Insurance Guide Released to Find the Best Discounts - 09/16/12 09:27 PM
Flat Rock, MI – Frost, Remer & Mercure Company Frost & Remer Insurance reveals an essential guide to finding the best deals in Michigan auto insurance. In the midst of financially challenging times, people are finding out ways to cut back the expense and to save money for future use.

Turning back into practical means, discretionary items are often cut back what they spend.  However, there are items, usually involving bigger expenses, which take most of one’s salary. For car owners, auto insurance Michigan is among the top list.
Michigan, which is a strictly no-fault zone, requires all vehicle drivers … (3 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Frost & Remer Discloses Key Statistics about Michigan Health Insurance - 09/03/12 11:56 PM
Pretty much all real estate agents and everyone else in the nation has been buzzing about the recent decision surrounding ObamaCare health care plan, especially the portion that requires each person to choose between purchasing health insurance or be fined (for not having any insurance policy coverage for individual health coverage).
Frost & Remer Insurance reveals facts about Michigan health insurance. The state, whose population is within the range of 9 to 10 million residents, has a wide variety of options available for their health care coverage. Heeding their local needs, health insurance Michigan based companies offer various plans to meet … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Michigan Auto Insurance Company Highlights Its Role in No Fault Law - 08/12/12 10:42 PM
Flat Rock, MI – Locally based insurance company Frost & Remer puts the spotlight on the importance of Michigan auto insurance and the role it plays in the state’s No Fault mandate. The No Fault system is upheld in various states, all across the country, to provide benefits to the vehicle owners in case of an accident. Ensuring that that damages will be paid—no matter whose fault it is.

This system compensates the insurance owner quickly and completely upon their time of need, but it is also somewhat controversial and often sparks discussions.
Strict with its vehicular mandates, Michigan requires … (0 comments)

frost and remer insurance: Michigan Health Insurance Company Predicts Changes from ObamaCare - 07/30/12 10:15 PM
Flat Rock, MI – Frost, Remer & Mercure Financial Service, Inc  has given their thoughts about the potential changes in Michigan health insurance at the arrival of the newly declared Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as ObamaCare.

The state of Michigan is one of the healthiest states in the country, where there are only 3.7 deaths in every one hundred thousand workers, as recorded in 2008. Also in that year, there has been a major drop of 18% in the number of children suffering from malnourishment or living in poverty.
It is common that most individuals … (0 comments)

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