internet marketing class: “How to Write Press Releases and Classifieds for Your Business” for Thursday, Feb. 4th! By Mark Maupin - 02/01/10 01:57 AM
2 Evening Events 4pm "Internet Marketing" and 6 pm "What to do if you have IRS Proble"
Internet Marketing Coaching Event “How to Write Press Releases and Classifieds” for Thursday, Feb. 4th”
The Entrepreneurial dept. at Wayne County Community College District has added a special Internet Coaching Workshop on Thursday, Feb 4th.  Mr. Mark Maupin will conduct the special presentation on:      
‘How to Write a Press Release and Classified Ad to Market Your Business on the Internet ’
What is a press release? How to write a press release What needs to be included in the … (0 comments)

internet marketing class: What can you do to get to the Top of Google? - 12/28/09 01:42 PM

Online Marketing and How to Get to the Top of Google
This is about how to put yourself, your business, product or service at the top of Google. What does this mean? It means more of the people who are doing an internet search for your product or service will find you.
Internet Search Engines
A search engine is a set of programs which searches an index and returns matches to a specified keyword. In other words, it is a directory of internet content. If you are looking for information on a specific subject, a search … (5 comments)

internet marketing class: Internet Marketing Workshop –How to model successful internet Sites, Online Business Advertising- Live free College Event, Detroit - 12/13/09 11:22 AM
Internet Marketing Workshop – Online Business Advertising- Live free College Event, Detroit
Advertising and marketing is one of the most important elements in operating a profitable business.  Before the internet it was also one of the largest expenses of operating a business.
Mark Maupin will be covering the following internet marketing topics:
How to evaluate your competition How to model the most successful internet sites How to find key words and phrases How to place yourself high in the search engine placement with blogs, press releases, articles and classifieds  
Internet marketing has proven to be more … (1 comments)

internet marketing class: Internet Workshop this Saturday on How to get your business at top of Google with the use of a Website - 10/12/09 12:24 PM

internet marketing class: Should you be encouraging your customers to complain? - 05/10/09 11:54 PM
Hi Activerain Member,Did you know you can turn your customers’ questions, requests and complaints into cash and ongoing passive income? If you hate customer complaints and find questions annoying, consider this.  A shift in your perspective could help you make more money. Your customers are telling you exactly what they want and need and are willing to pay for. The one who figures out a solution will clean up!Join me for "Create Info Products for Passive Profits" and learn how to turn your customers' feedback into profitable info products.See details below!-------------------------------------------------------- -- TIME SENSITIVE ANNOUNCEMENT --*** HURRY! THERE ARE ONLY A … (0 comments)

internet marketing class: Free Internet Marketing Workshop in Southfield, Michigan: offered by The National Real Estate Network - The Best Michigan REIA! - 10/17/08 01:49 AM
Get Free Traffic to your name on the Web even if you Do Not have a Web Site!
When:            October 20, 2008 6:30 PMWhere:           The Michigan Institute of Real Estate
                     24655 Southfield Road; Suite 101
                     Southfield, MI  48034
The Press King will put you at the TOP OF GOOGLE!
The King of Free press, and having you at Top of the Search engines, is Ralph Mark Maupin; he makes his money generating leads on the internet for customers who want to be at the top of search engines for the lowest dollars cost... Three of the … (0 comments)

internet marketing class: Saturday Workshop On: How to Make Money on Line with No Working Capital "Free Internet Marketing Workshop Detroit" - 09/09/08 09:24 PM
Suppose you and your family are dropped  off in strange City by yourself and you now need to make money on the internet to feed yourself and your family. How would you get started making money with just a shoe string budget.
This workshop will show you how do all of  the following:
Set up a Free email account
Set up a Free blog
>How to put your self or your product to the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN using the following:
1. Article writing with Free article sites –top sites given to you
2.    … (0 comments)

internet marketing class: Internet Marketing vs Television and Radio Advertising; A Panel of Experts to Share Tips and Advice on New Age Advertising Techniques - 02/27/08 11:00 AM
Cut business overhead costs with internet advertising and reach more of the right people to increase your business profits
Mark Maupin will be hosting a panel of experts, in March, at the Mega Evening Event put on by the National Real Estate Network.  The March topic will be internet marketing.  "Expenses and overhead are part of every business.  The cost of TV and radio advertising is way too expensive for some small business owners," Mark explains.  "Most people go to the refrigerator during commercials or change the radio station during advertisements.  With internet marketing, people are using search engines to find what … (2 comments)

internet marketing class: This month’s Mega Evening Event to host a Panel of Local Business Owners to Answer Questions and Offer Tips on the Power of Internet Marketing - 02/27/08 10:59 AM
Find out why internet marketing is the most effective advertising for the least amount of money
Mark Maupin, co-founder of National Real Estate Network, is inviting a panel of business owners and marketing experts to speak at the Mega Evening Event about internet marketing.  "There's no doubt that advertising and marketing can be expensive.  I've been using the internet for some time now, to promote my business and not only has it been more effective, it costs very little to do," explains Mark.
Mark teaches real estate investing courses and an internet marketing class at Wayne Community College.  "My students are having a … (0 comments)

internet marketing class: Internet Marketing Panel of Experts to Answer Questions and Offer Advice to Real Estate Networking Group on Promoting Your Business Online - 02/27/08 10:57 AM
These tips are valuable to all business owners, from the self-employed person with an office at home to the large, nationwide corporation
The National Real Estate Network (NREN) will be hosting a panel of experts to speak to members and answer questions on internet marketing.  "Many investors are asking me about how they can use the internet to promote themselves and generate leads for their business," says Mark Maupin, cofounder of NREN.  "I've been doing a lot of internet marketing over the last few years and I'm amazed at how easy it is to do.  It is also a powerful way to … (0 comments)

internet marketing class: Real Estate Investors and Small Business Owners Holding Event with Real Estate Panel, Who Will Share How They are Using The Internet to Make Money in Their Business - 02/27/08 10:55 AM
Learn How to Promote Your Business with the Internet from a Panel of Local Experts
A Real Estate Investors Club is having a panel of local internet experts answer investors' questions.  Here is a chance to learn, from local real estate investors and realtors, how they are using the internet to bring business to their business.
Many Investors have been asking local investor club questions about how they can use the Internet to generate business and profit for their Real Estate Businesses.  So, to answer their concerns, the Michigan Real Investors Club has dedicated their March Mega Evening Event to answer those … (0 comments)

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