real estate workshop: Learn How to Make a Fortune in Real Estate in the Middle of a 700 Billion Dollar Bailout – Weekend Conference in Metro Detroit - 12/28/08 11:04 AM
J. T. Foxx's mission is to educate, enhance networking, and encourage you to take action to attain financial freedom
Troy, MI - Woodward Promotions, LLC will present a 3-day event to address the current problems in real estate and business and show how to profit from them.  Those who attend will leave with knowledge on how to take action in today's market to prosper and meet their financial goals. 
The government is buying defaulted loans; it won't be long until they decide to sell them.  Imagine auctions of notes instead of houses!  Since the Governor is considering making it … (0 comments)

real estate workshop: There is Hope for Real Estate Investors – before you Consider Changing Careers; Attend a 3-Day Conference and Learn to Prosper in Today’s Economy - 12/28/08 11:03 AM
Jeffrey Taylor, AKA Mr. Landlord, the most requested speaker in the nation will join a panel of experts at a weekend conference
Troy, MI - The housing market has plummeted by at least 25% in the last year; the stock market has dropped even more!  Times are tough and they say the worst is yet to come.  How will real estate specialists survive?  Can they prosper in these difficult times?  These issues will be addressed; questions will be answered by a panel of experts who are successful in real estate investing today.
Jeffrey Taylor will join the panel of … (0 comments)

real estate workshop: Learn about Neighborhood Redevelopment and the Value of Speckled Sheep at a Weekend Real Estate Conference in Metro Detroit - 12/28/08 11:01 AM
You see them everyday; they are incredibly valuable!  So why are you passing them up?
Troy, MI - Speckled Sheep are houses, large or small; all with something wrong with them.  They're ugly, stinky or financially upside down; no one wants speckled sheep...or do they?   Speckled sheep can be found everywhere, in enormous herds and their population is growing.  Chris Allred is an expert at herding speckled sheep; he will show real estate investors the huge opportunities available at a weekend conference in February.  Chris will join a panel of real estate and business experts who will address the concerns … (1 comments)

real estate workshop: Ed King, CPA, to Discuss Business Planning and Development at a Weekend Real Estate Conference in Metro Detroit - 12/28/08 11:00 AM
An ex-carny with an MBA and CPA by his name; part jokester, part motivator, part used-car salesman, but all businessman as he guides entrepreneurs to business ownership
Troy, MI - Woodward Promotions, LLC will be hosting a panel of experts at a weekend conference on how to prosper in difficult times.  As real estate prices fall and the stock market drops, amazingly, more opportunities to make money become available.  This conference is designed for real estate investors and business owners to address the problems in our economy while developing new ways of structuring their business to meet their financial goals … (0 comments)

real estate workshop: Realtors can Satisfy their Required 6-hours of Continuing Education at a Weekend Real Estate Conference in Metro Detroit - 12/28/08 10:59 AM
Learn how to make money in real estate in a depressed market from a panel of real estate experts and successful business entrepreneurs
Troy, MI - The economy is looking grim; Michigan housing has declined 25% in one year, the stock market has fallen even faster than the price of houses.  The fear generated by the housing meltdown has become a fear of world wild financial meltdown.  We have to learn how to make money in this tough market; how to run our businesses and stop the fear. 
During a 3-day conference in February, a panel of experts will … (1 comments)

real estate workshop: Woodward Promotions, LLC Presents How to Prosper in Difficult Times at the Metro Detroit Real Estate Conference - 12/28/08 10:58 AM
In a few short months, our fear about a housing meltdown has become a fear of a world wide financial meltdown
Troy, MI - In one year the price of houses in Michigan has gone down an amazing 25%.  This rapid decline has spread over into the banks, Wall Street, the economy and even the world.  The government works on new fix-it plans every day as the stock market falls even faster than the price of houses.  Amazingly, many multi-millionaires got their start in the midst of a depression; there seems to be more money to be made when times … (0 comments)

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