rates: Hot Real Estate Market in Wisconsin - 07/01/11 10:38 AM
June was the hottest month of the year here in the Wisconsin Real Estate market and the offers keep coming in.  This is my own gage of the Real Estate market and not any official numbers.  However, from talking with many Realtors, other lenders, and title companies I think the numbers will back up my statement.Over the last 21 years, I have seen hotter markets but we do seem to have a much better balance of buyers and sellers than we have had in the last few years.  If you are looking to get pre approved call me, Mark Nehs, at … (1 comments)

rates: The Sun and the Buyers have come out in Wisconsin - 05/06/11 01:41 PM
The Home Buying season has officially started here in Wisconsin per Mark Nehs Waukesha County Mortgage Loan Officer.  I am not expecting it to be recognized by the Waukesha County Executive or anything but it sure was a great week.  Like a breath of fresh air the first week of May brought more buyers and buyers putting in offers than any in the last 8 months!!

Thanks to the great Realtors finding buyers what they want and pricing houses at the right price to sell.  Interest rates dropped this week and we actually saw the sun. I had a buyer … (1 comments)

rates: 30 Year FHA Purchase 4.5% Today - 05/02/11 01:53 PM
I usually don't like to talk about interest rates mostly because they can change at anytime and the fact that I don't have a crystal ball.  However, I couldn't help it today.  If you are in the market to buy a home interest rates are GREAT!!!  How long will the stay this low??  I sure don't know.
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Competitive Tips for Buyers Choosing Your Dream Home AIA Offers Fresh Insight On Kitchen, Bathroom Design Pop Off Popcorn Ceilings Call me today, Mark Nehs 262.613.2730, to get pre approved and take advantage of … (1 comments)

rates: No reason to Panic but Buy Now - 04/06/11 02:14 PM
Rates continue to edge up (however still very low), FHA mortgage insurance premiums are going up this month, home prices remain low, and these are just a few reasons to buy a home now.
Should you buy if you are not ready? No!!  But if you are ready it is time to find your new home.  Spring is here and with plenty of houses to pick from you should be able to find one that is right for you.
Call me Mark Nehs at 262-613-2730 today to get pre approved and then go make an offer.

rates: Shopping for the lowest mortgage rate - 03/23/11 01:20 PM
I will start with advice I have always given for finding your mortgage loan officer and that is to work with a mortgage professional that you trust.  This does not change with the recent changes in the law but what does change is pricing flexibility for lenders.  Thus the traditional advice of always shopping around will more than likely only show you the differences in closing costs and the time of day you received your price quote. 
Rates can a do change daily and can even move during the day.  I talked with a guy 3 weeks ago and he called … (6 comments)

rates: When does it make sense to Refinance? - 03/12/11 07:57 AM
If it makes financial sense and cents to refinance then don't wait.  I just re-pulled credit for a loan applicant and his credit score went down by 50 points from 6 months ago.  Why?  Because they paid a department store credit card late in January.  Is this a drastic reduction in credit score?  Yes.  However, recent credit history is the most important when it comes to your credit score and the credit scoring scoring system decided to wave the red flag with this 30 day late payment.
Let's go back to September when the credit score was 694.  Why did this … (4 comments)

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