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Hey Rainers, Crawling out of my hole to post a blog on a source of current frustration for everyone in the real estate long it's taking appraisals to get done.   In my role as SVP at Triserv Appraisal Management ,  I deal with this everyday, and just had my own personal purchase loa...
Hello Activerain friends,   What a summer it's been!   We decided to list our house in April 2014 and our hope was to sell it by this summer and move to our next home.   Unfortunately, we took the house off of the market the week of June 27th,  we had TONS of showings, but just didn't have offers...
Article from Appraisal Institute today highlights the CFPB director's tough talk on enforcement of new rules for compliance. It's really good information, here's a link to the public article page.
This is my last post as Kodak's real estate blogger.  I talked about Cloud Printing and bid everyone goodbye on ActiveRain. I've totally enjoyed my time as a sponsor of ActiveRain and want to thank Kodak for the opportunity to have done so. As I return to SettlementOne Valuation,  I look forward ...
Yay!  We'll be exhibiting there - stop by and say hi! Looking forward to seeing everyone
Article on MS tags and QR Codes, I try to cut through the hype and give some real-world uses and the advantages of the MS Tag over the QR Code for business.
It's a lot of fun to make videos.   It's raw, cool, informative, and I've found that even though I've got some fairly advanced editing software, it's pretty easy to use the basic software in my PLAYTOUCH camera to do simple edits and uploads really quickly. I think you will too, and I've had enou...
It was a great conference and a lot of energy, excitement and optimism in the room. Remember that the Kodak show special price discounts run through September 5 and are located at Thank you again to everybody for helping make it a great show, and we look forward to com...
Would love some feedback from the community!   I'd imagine it's a small fortune, and dwarfs many of your other office costs, but I'm genuinely interested in what that looks like from a refill standpoint on a yearly basis!      
Just something to be aware of that will affect mortgages for your buyers..   Fannie Mae has released its Loan Quality Initiative to go into effect on June 1, 2010.  It will require Lenders to verify more information about the borrower and the loan in an attempt to reduce the amount of distressed ...

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