laguna hills real estate: Christmas In July In The Rain - 07/07/07 01:03 PM
This morning I got a bit of advice from my buddy and fellow Rainer, Lynda Eisenmann.  So far, I don't think there's been any advice I have not heeded from Lynda (with the possible exception of whether another Martini was appropriate---but that's another story) that has not proved to be right on target.  Today, Lynda suggested I do a search in AR to see blogs where my name had been mentioned.  I was embarrassed to find there were many posts by many old friends and some new friends that I had never seen.  Oh my, it was daunting to realize that … (44 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Hang In There, Baby! - 06/30/07 02:36 AM
Seems like everywhere two or more real estate agents are gathered, the subject of the market comes up.  I've been hearing things like, "I may have to get a real job".  And, "I don't know if the home equity line will hold out".  Well have things slowed down? Yes.  Will they get worse? Maybe. 
In the meantime, my friends who have been in this business for many years have experienced this trend before.  They're not just sitting back and wringing their hands.  They're taking advantage of the less hectic pace to work "on" their businesses instead of "in" their businesses.  What … (19 comments)

laguna hills real estate: What're Ya Doin' Tuesday Night? - 06/28/07 12:14 PM
Last night, I decided to cruise over to Lake Forest and check out all the great redevelopment that's been going on along El Toro Road.  I happened to notice that Fuddrucker's had some really cherry muscle cars out front, so I thought I'd swing by for a couple minutes to check them out.  Well, it was Tuesday night.  And, if it's Fuddrucker's on Tuesday, that means it's car chow night.  And what a show it was.  I stopped in for a minute and stayed a couple hours.
Oh, how those cars brought back fond memories of Lyons Drag Strip on Friday nights … (17 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Somewhere Where Everybody Knows Your Name - 06/28/07 12:10 PM
No, it's not Cheers in Boston.  It's a great little place snuggled in a corner in the OakBrook Shopping Center in Laguna Hills, California.  The first time you go in, you'll be warmly greeted by one of the managers and many of the patrons.  I was intrigued by the name modestly posted on the outside of the building "Yarn Lady".  I have a great friend who loves to knit and is always looking for new resources, so I went inside.
Behind that front door was a whole new world!  There were the normal bins and cubbies filled with beautiful yarns, but there … (10 comments)

laguna hills real estate: The Answer Is - Dog Beach, Parking Meters and Credit Cards - 06/25/07 05:08 PM
The Question Is:  What is the newest innovation in the City of Huntington Beach?  Parking meters at Dog Beach that take credit cards!  Remember when you were a little kid and your Mom or Dad let you put the coin in the parking meter?  That was such a thrill.  Well, that's inflation for you.  What used to be paid in coins now can be paid using your credit card.
The City of Huntington Beach has just installed 15 meters at Dog Beach as part of a pilot program.  Two other cities are sharing in this pilot program, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  The … (9 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Before You Shop For A New Home - Get Help! - 06/25/07 04:38 AM
It's been awhile since we bought our home.  But, if we were buying it today we'd sure would do things differently.  When we purchased our home over 11 years ago, we were not represented by a real estate agent.  We bought it directly from the builder.  We just signed anything the builder asked us to sign.  We used their escrow and title companies.  And, we did a "walk through" with their superintendent.
If wevwere purchasing the same home today we would do things quite differently.  We'd would get a REALTOR® to represent us in the transaction.  Then, if for some reason the we and … (15 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Great Italian Food in South Orange County - 06/24/07 07:24 AM
I was first introduced to Cosmo's great food at a Chamber of Commerce Mixer I attended a few months ago.   As I drove to Las Flores for a Chamber Corporate Board Meeting my hunger alarm went off.  So, I turned into a little shopping center near the chamber offices and Voila!  There it was, the familiar name "Cosmo's".
It was nice and cool inside and gave great respite to the warmest part of the day as the thremometer registered a toasty 88o.  I was immediately greeted by a friendly waiter who showed me to my table.  There were a couple families … (6 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Four Piers - No Waiting - 06/23/07 06:47 PM
The O.C. has over 42 miles of coastline and yesterday I decided to treat myself to a drive along almost every mile of it.  I enjoyed a great lunch with family in Long Beach just over the Orange County line.  So, I thought it would be fun to get a photo of each of the county's piers.  What more fitting way to celebrate the first Friday of Summer?  It was a beautiful day in the 80's inland and high 70's at the beach with a perfect offshore wind. 
Orange County has 10 beach cities and oh so many beautiful beaches.  North … (9 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Tonight's 20/20 Was Nearly 2 Year Old Re-Run - 06/22/07 06:38 PM
There were a couple of blogs 6/22 Ana Connell's 20/20Tonight!  and Maurice McLaughlin's 20/20 REAL ESTATE SEGMENT TONIGHT-CLEAR VISION? giving us a head's up that 20/20 would be airing a show on whether it was necessary to use a  REALTOR® when selling a home.  Sadly, it sounds like ABC's 20/20 is stooping to copycat journalism.  My Board of REALTORS® sen out an email today explaining that the program that was going to air tonight was nearly two years old.  Even if the facts were correct on the show, we are in a decidedly diffferent market now than in October of 2005..  I think it's great … (18 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Confessions of the Chronically Late---Fill In Appropriate Name Here! - 06/21/07 06:47 AM
Chances are, if you're reading this, you either suffer from this affliction or know someone who does.  Okay, true confessions time.  I'm late.  I'm late a lot.  I don't like it and I want to do something about it.  That's the first step in the twelve step program, isn't it?  Realizing that you have a, I figure it should apply to this behavioral aberration, too.  I'm writing to ask for your help...Will you help to hold me accountable?  I no longer want to be last to arrive for any event.  I no longer want to be looking in the rear … (19 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Amazing Success Story - Britain's Newest Superstar - 06/21/07 05:30 AM
Rags to riches, coal to diamonds, humble man to superstar.  All phrases that could be used to describe the humble man, once known only to a few now a gift to the world.  If you have not heard of him yet, you will.  And, you will be glad. 
This morning I watched in amazement as Paul Potts,  2007 winner of Britain's Got Talent perform live on the Today Show.  There was the typical Today Show hype and tease throughtout the show to get you to the finale when Paul actually sang.  There was a brief interview with Meredith Vieira that was most … (14 comments)

laguna hills real estate: When Is A Home Not Ready To Sell? - 06/17/07 04:42 PM
During a Seller's Market, you can list you home for sale and even if it's priced a little high and isn't in perfect condition, you may get showings and offers.  Today's market requires more than just deciding it's time to sell.  There is so much inventory---so many homes to choose from---buyers are picky about what they even go out to see in person.  The home had better look good on the internet or it just won't get shown. 
Some of the simplest things can make a big difference in a home getting shown.  Buyers simply have too many homes to see, … (18 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Do You Mastermind? - 06/15/07 05:35 PM
Mastermind groups can be a valuable resource for any business professional.   Next month will mark the seventh year I have been a member of a real estate related mastermind group.  Originally, our common interest was belonging to a coaching group called By Referral Only.  That common thread drew a group of like-minded individuals together and it's still growing strong.  We have people who are part of the core group that actually formed about ten years ago and continue to invite others to join us.  Our attendance is typically 15-20 people each month.
What we do is meet to discuss a topic that … (40 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Inman Real Estate Forecast at Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California - Inman's Shares His Candid Insights to Orange County REALTORS® - 06/15/07 03:32 PM
Today at the Pacific West Association of REALTORS® quarterly meeting, we had the opportunity to hear from Brad Inman of Inman News.  He gave us a forecast of the real estate market ahead and gave us a bit of market history to explain how we got to where we are now.
Brad Inman's Topics:
Market DownturnClimbing Interest RatesSlowing EconomyDecline in Consumer ConfidenceU.S. Dollar is WeakFewer Sales in '07 & ‘08First Time Buyers Hardest HitMove Up Buyers Beginning to Feel the PainBrad gave us a thumbnail of what he believes has gotten us into the market downturn.  He said that there were several factors.  … (2 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Great News! The Post Office is REDUCING A Rate! - 06/06/07 08:31 PM
USPS has just introduced a "NEW Priority Mail FLAT RATE Box".
Today, I received a postcard from the U.S. Postal Service introducing the new Flat Rate Boxes and envelopes.  The boxes come in two different sizes - shoebox and shirtbox.  Their postcard says, "Just fill it and seal it (no need to calculate postage)."   Be sure to use "Flat Rate Box".  I checked it out and a 70 pound box shipped from my local post office in California to New York City is a flat rate of $ 8.95.  The rate of $8.95 is a flat rate regardless of weight-up to 70 pounds-regardless … (18 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Right-Brained/Left-Brained Fun - 06/05/07 07:44 PM
The older I get the more amazed I am at how our brains function.  There are some days, I'm just grateful the synapses fire at all.  One of the things I find most interesting about our brains is how the left and right hemispheres each have their own set of functions. 
Interestingly, lenders tend to be left-brained and real estate agents tend to be right-brained.  Some people have even evolved into being whole-brained and can do both.  Here's a little chart that's kind of fun.  It really points out how both hemispheres of the brain do their own thing.  Fair warning, … (12 comments)

laguna hills real estate: PMS In San Diego - 06/04/07 07:38 PM
There was evidence of PMS in San Diego this Sunday.  It happened at the 10thAnnual San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon.  My buddy, Lynda Eisenmann (a notable Active Rainer) and I were there to support Lynda's two sisters who participated in the race.  We loaded up our bikes with coolers stuffed with orange slices, bananas, apple juice boxes, pretzels, wet wipes, Band-Aids and water.  We met Lynda's sisters at strategic points along the course to make sure they had enough potassium and hydration to ward off muscle cramps.  While waiting for our racers, we cheered on the runners and walkers as they … (12 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Home Inspector's Nightmare - 05/31/07 07:05 PM

Sometimes you just find things that you have to share.  This optical illusion is one of my favorites, so I just had to share it with y'all.  The longer you look at it the more interesting things you'll begin to see.  It's a lot like many real estate transactions.  Sometimes you just have to take a closer look to find out that it will be more work than you originally bargained for.                   
                                                      Sweet Dreams!                      
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laguna hills real estate: Cramming For Your Finals - THE BIG RED BOOK - 05/31/07 05:51 PM
Back in the fifties, there was a comedian named Sam Levinson.  He went to an "old folks home" (not p.c. but what we called them in the fifties).  One of the attendants suggested he go ask Mr. Smith what he was doing.  Mr. Smith was a wrinkled old man sitting in a chair in the corner with a large black Bible in his lap.  Mr. Levinson approached Mr. Smith and asked him what he was doing.  Mr. Smith replied, "I'm cramming for my finals". 
No matter how young or old we are, we all must at some time face our mortality.  … (6 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Short Sale Short Side - 2 ¢ Worth of Advice - 05/31/07 10:41 AM
The changes in interest rates have brought forth a proliferation of short sales into the marketplace.  There have been many interesting articles on how to "do" a short sale.  This is not one of them.  This is an article on how to work with a short sale.  If I had to pick the most ticklish topic to discuss on short sales, I'd have to pick (no it's not the lenders)...the sellers themselves. 
It's not easy to put ourselves in the shoes of the person going through this real estate and credit trauma.  There are no support groups that can help you … (5 comments)

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