laguna hills real estate: The Laguna Playhouse - Get Your Tickets Now for Menopause The Musical - 05/31/07 08:20 AM
Menopause The Musical will be performed at the Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach from July 10th - September 2nd.  .If you are a women over forty or know a woman over forty, do yourself and her a great big favor and buy tickets for a performance of this hilarious play.  It's the story of four over forty gals who are strangers and meet in Bloomingdale's during an afternoon of shopping.  Even if you don't like musicals, you'll be rolling in the aisles with some of the parodies they come up with for some very familiar pop chart hits.   Here's how to … (4 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Updated Writing Tool - 05/31/07 07:12 AM
As a kid, the dictionary was one of my favorite books.  Truth be told, it probably still is.  But today, with spell check, we probably don't have as much need for the 2 pound version.  Still, even with the great tools available in our computer programs, I still like to check things out in the dictionary --- online.  Yep, Merriam-Webster has an online dictionary.  It's pretty cool.  You can even hear how the word should be pronounced.  So next time you wonder if it should be pronounced "tow may tow" or "tow mah tow"  Just click on type in the … (7 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Thank You For Your Service - 05/28/07 09:10 AM
Simple words, but nonetheless heartfelt.  I just returned from the Eighteenth Annual Memorial Day Observance at El Toro Memorial Park in Lake Forest.  This lovely old, county-owned cemetery is home to oak trees that are over 100 years old.  It was a beautiful setting today with the temperature a mild 70o.  I sat among possibly 300 others who had gathered to honor those who have given so much to preserve our freedom and to purchase the freedom of so many others. 
The National Anthem, America the Beautiful. and Battle Hymn of the Republic were sung by the Saddleback Master Chorale.  All … (9 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Attention Orange County Home Sellers - Top 10 Reasons Why Your Home Didn't Sell - 05/26/07 07:00 AM

Selling a home is something most people seldom do.  Since it typically takes some effort and a little inconvenience to accomplish, most people who decide to sell their homes have a reason to do so that outweighs the reasons not to sell.  So, if after making the effort the house didn't sell, this can be very frustrating.  Here's a list of the top 10 reasons a home doesn't sell in Orange County with number 10 being the most important.   
Hard to show - the hours the home is available to show are limited or there is no lockbox.Out-dated; Flooring, colors, appliances, bathrooms … (15 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Do You Remember Your First Kiss? - 05/24/07 10:43 AM
Do You Remember Your first kiss?  Was it sweet?  Sure hope so.  But, what you're thinking may not be what I'm asking.  Maybe I should clarify that with... Do you remember your first Hershey's Kiss?  I sure do.  What a thrill to carefully pull that little paper flag and try to unwrap the foil all in one perfect sheet, then roll that lovely soft chocolate between your thumb and forefinger and plop it on your tongue.  Pure delight! 
Well, this year, candles are in order.  The Hershey's Kiss  celebrates its 100th birthday.  Just thought you might like to know.  It may not be … (7 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Will I Lose Points If I Eat The Cheez-its? - 05/23/07 05:27 PM
I received an email from one of the great all time clients.  It had one simple sentence, "Will I lose points if I eat the Cheez-its?"  I staged their home on Friday to get ready for the photo shoot.  One of the things I placed in the kitchen was some tall jars filled with some visually interesting things.  One jar is layered with colored beans, another with some pasta and the third jar you guessed it---is filled with Cheez-its.  I started to email her back, then decided to call instead.  I explained she was welcome to eat the Cheez-its and she … (41 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Great Resource For Seniors and People With Disabilities - 05/21/07 03:48 PM
On May 11th the Laguna Hills Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new member with a ribbon cutting.  This is a business that everyone needs to know about.  At Home Living Solutions is a company dedicated to helping people maintain their independence despite aging and/or disabilities.  With our population graying so rapidly (someone turns 60 every second), there is a tremendous need for this type of business.
At Home Living Solutions is a construction company that aids in consulting, design and construction and installation of access ramps, stair lifts, elevators, pool lifts, upright bathing units and a number of other access related items.  They … (13 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Laguna Niguel, California - Condo Just A Few Miles From The Beach At An Affordable Price - 05/21/07 11:10 AM
#6F6F65;"> … (2 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Temporary Masterpieces - 05/21/07 08:53 AM
For the ninth year, the Fun with Chalk Art Festival, sponsored by The Children's Creative Festival, a non-profit organization was held in Mission Viejo, California.  The proceeds from the event provide funding for fine arts programs for children in Orange County, California.  The annual event is an Italian-style street painting festival.  It was honored by the United States Congress on July 8, 2003.  The festival was held at Norman P. Murray Community Center, 24932 Veterans Way at La Paz Rd., Mission Viejo, California.  For information about next year's event call:
For info call 877-WeChalk(1-877-932-4255) Toll free in Californiaor 949-367-1222 Please rate this … (7 comments)

laguna hills real estate: Taking Time To Play - 05/01/07 06:54 PM
In a world filled with so much to do, taking time to play often gets shoved aside.  Sometimes I feel like I am overtaken by "the tyranny of the urgent".  Something that I learned from coach, Joe Stumpf of By Referral Only is the concept of blended time.  You don't need to take a whole day off to feel like you've take a day off.  Something my buddy, Lynda Eisenmann and I like to do is toss our bikes into our trucks and drive down to the beach midweek.  We ride from Newport Beach to Sunset Beach.  We take along our cell … (0 comments)

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