laguna real estate agent: Property Tax Review for Reduction Just Got Easier In Orange County California - 03/31/09 03:36 PM
It just got easier to apply for a reduction of your property tax bill.  Orange County, CA Assessor Webster Guillory  has been quoted by the Orange County Register as saying that homeowners who are looking at reducing their property taxes due to the downturn in market prices don't have to provide comparable sales to prove that the value of their home has dropped.  Orange County Homeowners who purchased after 2002 are likely to see a reduction in their property taxes by applying.  You still have until April 30th to request an informal review of your tax assessment. 
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laguna real estate agent: The Making Work Pay Tax Credit Is On It's Way To Your Paycheck - 03/31/09 03:14 AM
You may notice a few more dollars in your next paycheck.  The "Making Work Pay Tax Credit" goes into effect this week.  Employers are supposed to have adjustments in place by Wednesday, April 1, 2009.  This is a part of the economic recovery package passed in February.
You won't be able to buy a new car with it, but it could get you a pizza if you have a coupon!  How much money are we talking about?  For singles you may see $15-20 per week.  For marrieds who file joint returns, probably about $15-20 per week.  If you have earned … (4 comments)

laguna real estate agent: Don't Give Up Too Soon If You Are A Buyer Who Has Made An Offer On A Short Sale In Orange County California - 03/30/09 05:39 AM
This is by far one of the most interesting times we've ever experienced in Orange County California real estate.  It's like the wild, wild west!  Lenders are inundated with short sales and foreclosures to process.  Each lender has their own system or quasi-system for handling the deluge of paperwork.

When you make an offer on one of these short sale properties you actually have to get acceptance from two parties:
You make an offer that is accepted by the Seller (the owner of record) The accepted offer (Purchase Agreement-signed by both buyer … (7 comments)

laguna real estate agent: Attention Home Owners - Keeping Accurate Records Could Save You Big Dollars When You Sell Your Home - 03/29/09 07:18 PM

Chances are that if you've owned your Orange County, California home for ten to fifteen years or more and have never refinanced it, you have accumulated a considerable amount of equity.  Equity is the difference between what you could sell your home for less the amount you owe in mortgage(s).  I've had clients tell me that they really like to make a move, but just don't want to pay the taxes on the sale or have to pay higher property taxes when they move.
What's the answer?  Well there's good news on both accounts.  If you qualify, California Propositions 60 … (2 comments)

laguna real estate agent: Did You Know That You May Qualify To Sell A Home Every Two Years And Not Pay One Cent of Capital Gains? There Are Guidelines - SURPRISE - It's Actually Not Difficult To Qualify - 03/29/09 05:44 PM
There are numerous tax advantages to home ownership.  One of the advantages is the included in the Taxpayer's Relief Act of 1997.  Previously the Tax Code allowed for a once-in-a-lifetime capital gain exclusion.  The Taxpayer's Relief Act of 1997 changed that rule to benefit homeowners who have accumulated equity in there homes and wish to move to either a larger or smaller home.  Unlike the previous rules, there is no age requirement to qualify.  However, this is great news for seniors who are considering downsizing or trading using their equity to buy a smaller home and a second home.
For couples … (2 comments)

laguna real estate agent: Wow! What a Beautiful Difference A Few Hours And About $150 Can Make - An Upscale Garage Floor For A Budget Price! - 03/29/09 08:07 AM
You can sure learn some great things when you take a walk through your own neighborhood.  Recently, while out walking, I saw a neighbor making an interesting improvement.  He was painting his garage floor.  Not with just any paint.  He was using a kit especially made for garage floors.  Beautiful garages have become a "must-have" in higher end homes here in South Orange County, California.  Since our homes typically don't have basements or attics, our garages become a primary place to store everything from toys to kitchen overflow.  Until now, I always thought that garages with those organized garages with gleaming floors had … (16 comments)

laguna real estate agent: One of the Most Significant Factors To Consider If You're Thinking About Buying A Home In Orange County, California - Affordability - 03/29/09 06:34 AM

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                One of the best ways to communicate the concept of affordability is with a real-life example. About a year and a half ago, I began working with a couple who had just celebrated their first anniversary.  He had a steady job as a firefighter.  She had worked in her own business for about 7 years.  They had saved some money and decided it was time to move from their one bedroom apartment.
They got pre-approved by a lender.  Their lender recommended they call me to help them begin their home search.  When we first began looking in their … (21 comments)

laguna real estate agent: Protect Your Identity - Get An EIN To Keep Your Social Security Number Safe From Identity Theft - 03/07/09 09:04 AM
This week, I've been registering online with a few REO companies.  As I've been filling out my applications, they invariably need a W-9 which requires a Tax Identification Number.  A few months ago, I took a great REO class through SoCal CRS from fellow CRS and National Association of Realtors® speaker, C.J. Johnson of Silver Lining Workshops.  C.J. taught us that we don't need to be giving out our Social Security number for anyone to see.  She explained that all we have to do is apply for an EIN - Employer Identification Number.

 An EIN is issued by … (21 comments)

laguna real estate agent: TCF Financial Plans to Return $361 Million in TARP Funds - 03/05/09 06:31 AM
Oh my goodness, a bank with integrity...what a good, old-fashioned concept!  TCP Financial actually has to ask permission to give the money's the video interview:
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laguna real estate agent: Wordless Wednesday - Blooming Desert - Lotus Blossom at Fairmont Hotel Scottsdale, AZ - 03/04/09 12:56 AM

Marlene Bridges, REALTOR®  800 777-1775
South Orange County Real Estate Website
County Seniors Lifestyles Blog
SRES - Seniors Real Estate Specialist®
CRS-Certified Residential Specialist®
President - Laguna Hills/Laguna Woods Chamber of Commerce
Marlene is a highly experienced and respected South Orange County CA REALTOR® specializing in residential Real Estate and the sale of Homes and Condos in South Orange County, California and Saddleback Valley cities of: Laguna Woods, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo.   

laguna real estate agent: Get Ready For Another Postage Increase - Forever Stamps Might Be A Good Answer - 02/11/08 08:41 AM
The U.S. Postal Service has announced today that beginning May 12th it will cost 1 penny more to mail a one ounce letter First Class.  The cost will be 42 cents.  The price of the Post Office's Forever stamp will increase to 42 cents.  There have been over 5 billion Forever Stamps sold since they became available last April.  So, here's your chance to save a penny and buy some of the Forever Stamps at their current rate of 41 cents.  The post office is planning to have an additional 5 billion of the 41 cent Forever Stamps available to meet … (34 comments)

laguna real estate agent: Will People Pay More To Be Eco-Friendly? I Did! - 02/10/08 01:06 PM
Today, on the way to the Open House I was holding in Rancho Santa Margarita, I stopped to pick up a case of bottled water.  People cruising through lots of houses can work up a thirst and always seem to appreciate getting a nice cold bottle of water.
While at the grocery store, I first picked up a case of the store brand water that was on sale.  Then, I saw the new-shaped Arrowhead water bottles I'd seen advertised on TV.  I put the store brand back on the shelf and opted for the Arrowhead water because I think it's worth an … (15 comments)

laguna real estate agent: Seniors Moving With Pets - To South Orange County California 55 & Better Communities - 10/07/07 02:10 PM
Working with seniors in South Orange County California is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a REALTOR®.  Client's needs vary and it provides many unique opportunities to be of service.  One of the most frequently asked questions from people thinking about moving into a 55 and better communities is, "Can I bring my pets?"  Happily in most instances, the pets will be able to transition nicely into our 55 and better communities. 
While pets are accepted, it is wise to consider the size of the pet that you are planning to move with you.  Senior communities are better geared … (3 comments)

laguna real estate agent: Greg Gantman - Welcome to Active Rain! - 10/07/07 03:07 AM
Please help me welcome one of our newest Active Rainers, Greg Gantman.  Greg's a great guy who served tirelessly as President of the Aliso Viejo Chamber of Commerce for two years.  He's generously supported my efforts as President of the Laguna Hills/Laguna Woods Chamber.  I've come to value his friendship and council so much.
Please take a moment to welcome him. I know Greg will be a generous contributor to Active Rain.  Please help me welcome Greg to AR by reading and commenting on his first post.  Click here to read and comment on Greg's first article.

Marlene Bridges, REALTOR®  800 777-1775
South Orange County Real … (11 comments)

laguna real estate agent: Enjoying Your Orange County Home & Garden While Protecting Our Natural Resources - 10/06/07 04:28 PM
According to the Family of Southern California Water Agencies, the average home owner in Southern California uses twice the amount of water in our gardens than necessary.
To cut down on water usage without sacrificing your plantings here are a few tips:
Water before 8 am.   This will reduce evaporation.
Avoid runoff and water waste on slopes, heavy clay areas, and silty soils - turn on the water and time how long it takes before you see runoff or puddling.  Then, adjust your watering timer or manual watering accordingly.  You may want to water for short periods more than once each day to … (3 comments)

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