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Ok, I got a great email today and started to delete it but this picture caught my attention!  Now ladies, is this brilliant  or what?  It was probably a man who thought of it no doubt, the brush is a bit small for my liking, but consider the options..... how about one with eye colors, lip shades?...
Recently I was introduced to a product called "Constant Contact".  They offer a free 60 day trial so I thought it was worth checking into.  Well I put it on the back burner until I got an eye catching email from my associate who first told me about the product.  So, I revisited this idea and was ...
What makes a person decide how they like their coffee? Is it a genetic make up?  Is it your job? Can you tell someone personlitiy by want they drink?  With all the different types of coffees, creamers, sugars, it can get very confusing.  Instant or not? The more I think about this the more I real...
Ok, over the past week we have had many instances where we needed to talk to customer support and I thought this was a great idea for a blog post.  First off, Dell has great customer service and walk you through every step of your purchase and answer any questions you might have.  They would have...
Thanks to the great clients we have at Marsha Booth & Associates, we are happy to say our two girls up front are BOTH getting new Dell computers!  For awhile one of the front office computers have been going to sleep when ever it feels like it, so you don't know if it will wake up or not.  And if...
As a fairly new Team we are always looking for fun ways to interact with our community and recently Hardin County's Repair Affair was brought up at one of our meetings.  Repair Affair is our community coming together to make a difference for our low-income elderly and disabled citizens who need h...
With the new stricter guidelines for getting a home loan everyone needs to be reminded how to boost their credit scores.  I recently went over these tips with a client and felt it was worth posting. First thing, all those credit card offers you recieve in the mail, call and opt out!  You can call...
We are excited about the upcoming Seminar Living Beyond the Golden Years where several topics will be discussed such as:Non-Medical Home CareHome HealthStaging for SeniorsAllegro-Assisted Living ChoicesNursing Home ResourcesPreferred MemorialsHow to Out Live Your MoneyAre you and your loved ones ...
Partnerships coming in all forms, the one that I enjoy most is when I call all I have to say is this Marsha.   I do not have to wait to follow each step push 1 for this department, push 2 and now I am at the point of who am I calling.  I spent part of my afternoon with one company (highly known),...
I belong to Brian Buffini's coaching program.  My team decided to Blitz with me.  We have had so much fun reconnecting with our friends (clients).  Not only have we caught up with what is going on in their lives.  We have reminded them that we are never to busy for their referrals!  Oh, by the wa...

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