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Over the past recent weeks, I have received some calls and emails from client's and Realtor's regarding the relationship between hybrid ARM and fixed rate mortgages here in the Raleigh market.  The specific question is why is the relationship between the two seems to be changing so dramatically. ...
LAST WEEK - Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his Federal Open Market Committee cut to the Fed Funds Rate 0.50%. Here's what the Fed had to say as they announced the cut: "Economic growth was moderate during the first half of the year, but the tightening of credit conditions has the potential to inte...
Last week - I was reminded of that Bob Seger song..."BREAKDOWN, TAKEDOWN...YOU'RE BUSTED!" That song describes the market last week, as the Stock market suffered a breakdown, analysts got a takedown, and many investors felt (including me) they were busted as Stocks sold off hard on Friday. What h...
Last week - Bernanke and the Fed have helped to stabilize the financial markets, and calmed some of the "credit crunch blues". Just over a week ago, the Fed made a decision to lower the rate at their "Discount Window", allowing banking institutions another method of providing assurance of liquidi...
  Hello Blog Friends, Please excuse the personal nature of this blog but with the recent wealth of "offline" thoughts, I wanted to share my current position.  The last weeks reminds me of the song, "What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been". Two weeks ago Monday night I went to bed as a HomeBanc Asso...
Mortgage Financing...What's Going On?Anyone watching or reading the financial news this weekend, over the last few days and weeks has seen a lot of anguish and dismay over the state of the mortgage industry. In fact, one of the larger lenders in the US, American Home Mortgage, was forced to shut ...
Last weekGOOD, BAD OR UGLY?  I truly believe all off the above, if we're looking at last week and home loan rates in Raleigh, Cary and the entire Triangle. Good news came in the form of the very friendly inflation and employment news, which helped rates on conforming home loans improve by about ....
Last Week...Although the heat is on weather-wise in the Triangle, our recently overheated Stock market suddenly took an icy plunge lower this past week. Just as quickly as the Dow had cracked the record level of 14,000, Stocks reversed course and lost 586 points for the week overall. The big cool...
Last week:   Stocks surged to cross the 14,000 mark on the Dow for the first time ever. The party was short, just as the excitement started so did a disappointing earnings report from Wall Street and my own darling Google. Suddenly, the Stock that could do no wrong was showing chinks in the armor...
This WeekLast week, you couldn't watch the financial news for longer than a few minutes without hearing about the "subprime meltdown", talking about a certain type of home loan experiencing heavy rates of default and foreclosure, and what the potential consequences might be on the US economy. Ple...

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