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You’ve worked hard to get your rental property into perfect condition, and now you are turning itover to a new tenant. Like every landlord, you hope that the tenant will care for the property asyou have. Surely you want to do anything that might make it easier for tenants to do so. Byproviding th...
So now you’re a landlord.  Congratulations.  Investing in rental properties can be a smart way to grow your income, especially in today’s rental market.  Just remember, being a landlord is not for everybody. It’s also not a way to get rich quick.  Being a real estate investor is a long-term commi...
You’ve inherited a house.  What good luck!  Now you can finally start investing in property without all that pesky capital!  Right?  Whoa!  Not so fast.  Just like any investment, never just jump in blind.  You need to assess the investment from all angles.  As with anything, if the liabilities o...
Have you ever stood in front of the paint chip display at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot and wondered how there were so many shades of tan? Or WHITE for that matter! How are there 20 different shades of WHITE??!! Or maybe you’re like me, and you hand that job off to your spouse with a sweet litt...
In today’s economy, rental properties are hotter than ever. This makes a great window for beginning investors to buy that first property or for seasoned property twentieth, there are some basic rules that will help ensure a quicker return on your investment. Just because someone is choosing to re...
It’s Back-to-School time and that makes it a good time to review some of the basics of property management. So let’s take a quick review of Property Management 101. Good property managers are notoriously busy people. Busy people sometimes lose things in the shuffle or forget things when their min...
 With football season gearing up, we begin thinking about carrying the ball over the goal line. In many ways, property investment is a lot like a football game. You have good teams and you have great teams. Good teams can move the ball, but great teams win games.If you are investing in property, ...

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