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We are thankful that the election season has come and gone....except for a few closely contested races.  No matter who you chose, we are all faced with the prospect of moving forward.  I have maintained that in order for the real estate market to really begin to see growth, we must first move pas...
  Certainly, one must admit that this has been an interesting year so far.  What a ride the economy, which includes the real estate market, has taken us on in 2008.  I would like to get to our destination so we can begin to stabilize and start that upward trend that people like to see.  As of thi...
Labor Day was great, and we hope all of you enjoyed the holiday.  As Realtors we have to embrace the time we have for our clients as well as for our perspective clients. It is imperative that we use that precious commodity wisely.  Everyone has heard about the finantial crisis that is looming ove...
With the beginning of August rolling on through, we are hoping to enjoy a great month of weather as we move forward towards Labor Day.   We have had phenomenal weather this summer, our mildest summer in over 7 years.  A lot of 80's and 90's type days....thanks to a great monsoon season.  Laura an...
Well, since we are closing in on another wonderful day of celebration of our independenceand the birth of freedom for our country, we wish all of you the best for this 4th of July,2008. Yes, here came the monsoon rains around the 27th of June.  In our seven years in the greaterGreen Valley area t...
As you know, every media "expert is still hammering away on the market" warning everyone that things are bad bad bad.  Yes, this has been a rough year for all of us in real estate, however we do see signs that point ahead to a slower steady positive growth which is a welcome sign of relief.  I st...
 Well, this year has been an interesting year for real estate in Green Valley, Arizona.We have seen our inventory swell to over 1100 homes available per day in the MLSinventory.  During yesteryear or more normal cyclical times, we averaged between 650-700 homes available per day.  Today our mark ...
 Well everybody has to find this market to be of interest.  The most scarce commodity amongst realtors today is the small numbers of real available buyers.  But within the ranks of true buyers brimming with optimism of being able to secure a "steal",  I hope beats the hearts of those individuals ...
  Quite a number of prognosticators are indicating that existing home sales are to stay very  steady, with thepossibility of increasing later this hear and improving and showing positive growth in 2009.  Well, this is the posture the National Association of Realtors has taken.  Evidence the fact ...

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