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Back from vacation, I'm ready to close a listing (I'm representing the seller) in the last three days of the escrow period and I get this call from the buyer's agent. "My buyer has been laid off from work and needs to cancel this transaction. Oh and by the way, she wants her deposit back." Welcom...
We've all been through this before, we all have writer's block from time to time. Sometimes we're not feeling it or are so consumed with "stuff" that the creative juices aren't flowing. So what do the tough folks do when the going gets this way? Well, this one is packing up the ol' truck and the ...
Yesterday was a great day for me. It was a good reminder of why I'm in real estate and how I work for my clients. Here's what happened.  On a particularly busy day, I posted a technical entry where I learned more from the comments in the Rain than I bargained for, met with a buyer client for a ho...
Have you ever had a seller wonder what this was all about? Chances are if you're a Rainmaker you've coached your clients well, both buyers and sellers alike. On occasion my sellers are blindsided with some creative requests. Here's how I coach both buyers and sellers to prevent this from happenin...

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