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My blog is about my experiences and observations in Cochise County Arizona. I'm a real estate agent yet it seems sellling property is not the total focus. I concern myself with our County and more particularly with Douglas and the surrounding areas. Our area is beginning some serious growth. We have new businesses, homes and soon to come, a new Commercial Port of Entry from Mexico. It's time to get ready!



People are buying parcels of land over 10 acres in the Sulpher Springs valley area of Cochise County.14 parcels have sold since February of 2007.The Douglas area has sold 6Elfrida sold 4McNeal sold 3 Bisbee sold 1There are 103 parcels available on the market in this area now. All over 10 acres. I...
Mystery Well Airport and ResidenceLocation: ApacheMystery Well Airport is in Portal Arizona. The home and hangar have been recenty completed. Both structures are made from Rastra, an incredibly energy efficient new building material. The home is 3600 sq ft and has a 1400 sq ft 4 car garage attach...
The monsoon season is upon us. I wrote last week about the beginnings of the rain. Well, It is still happening. This year it seems a little different than last year. We are on our 4th day of afternoon rains that are steady rather than blasts and downpours. Either way, everything is wet. If you ar...
It is July in Cochise county! Woohoo! I love this tme of year here. My home is pretty much in the wilderness. It sits nestled in the base of the mountains. I can see lots of Sulper Springs valley and well into Mexico and the Sierra Madre mountains....this is to set the scene....the mountains are ...
Hi,Cutting to the chase. I need a reliable hosting service. I'm using godaddy and currently anyone responding to an email from me gets booted undeliverable due to spam. I've done nothing different. But this last week I have come across this situation. It's really not a good thing when I am finall...

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I like the community I live in and want to be able to share it with you. I try to learn something new everyday and share with my clients the knowledge I gain. I care very much that you, my clients and customers get the service that suits your needs.