lubbock realtor: Tech Terrace Lubbock - 04/15/16 12:20 PM
If you are a Lubbock native or a Texas Tech University student you know the Tech Terrace neighborhood. Here are some pros and cons of this popular central Lubbock community.
Near Texas Tech so super easy to bike or walk to campus.  Save money on parking fees!
City Bus trolleys make the rounds here so you can always catch the bus.
Two city parks featuring walking/jogging trail and playground for the kids.
Shopping!  Tech Terrace is unique in that it has its own Lowe's grocery store, cafes and boutique shops.
J&B Coffee.  This popular coffee shop is located at 26th and Boston is a cozy spot … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Buy a Tech Terrace Home! - 04/12/16 11:43 AM

You are moving to Lubbock and want to live near Texas Tech University.   Your current Lubbock home has a serious 'charm' deficit.   Your child who is now quite grown up is a TTU student who wants OUT of the dorm. You are ready to move out of your 'cookie cutter' neighborhood.   You would like a neighborhood where people walk in the evenings, where you can hear doves coo. Okay, maybe the dove cooing part is a bit much but if you can identify with any of the above statements, Tech Terrace is where you need to find … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: The Magic Number - Your Lubbock Home's Value - 04/09/16 08:52 AM
The Magic Number or Everything you wanted to know about your home’s VALUE, but were afraid to ask!
In your eyes, your home may be priceless!    HOME is where you raised your children, held parties on the patio, cooked Thanksgiving dinner, and measured your children’s height on the inside of a closet door.  If you want to know your home’s practical value, such memories and emotions must take the backseat.
 Lubbock County Appraisal District’s website – (LCAD) is a great place to start exploring.  The Tax District assigns a taxable value for your home.  However, don’t rely just on the LCAD valuation.  As a … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Top Ten Tips for Lubbock Home Buyer's (contract through close) - 01/08/15 03:53 AM
 You found the home you want and your agent submitted an offer.  You are now entering the time frame known as Contract to Close.  It is too early to celebrate because there is lots to do over the next 30 – 60 days.  This process can be stressful but a good REALTOR and LENDER can help smooth the way.
Be ready to negotiate with the seller.  Depending on the housing market in your area you may or may not have the upper hand.   The seller can reject your offer, give you a counter offer, or accept your offer as written - … (4 comments)

lubbock realtor: Lubbock TX Homes - Tech Terrace - 04/20/13 01:00 AM
Tech Terrace homes are selling like hotcakes!  Today there are only 17 Tech Terrace homes left on the market.  This is about half of what the inventory has run since 2008.
This is a CALL TO ACTION for Tech Terrace Home Buyers and Tech Terrace Home Owners!
If you own a home in Tech Terrace and would like to sell but have been waiting for the right time, this is it! 
If you want to buy a Tech Terrace home and haven't started looking yet, you'd better get started!
Lubbock's real estate market throughout the city has shifted to a SELLER'S MARKET.   There … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Lubbock Texas Homes Selling Like Pancakes - 03/01/13 08:55 AM
Pass the syrup. 
Lubbock's housing market isn't dealing with the extreme rush to buy and shortage of listings that our neighbor, Midland is experiencing.  However, we are busy, balanced, and helping lots of individuals on both sides of the table find win-win deals.  The past couple of months our market has leaned more toward a Seller's Market, but again, nothing like what is happening in Midland.
Do you have a Lubbock home you want to sell?  NOW IS THE TIME.  There are fewer homes on the market, interest rates are still incredibly low, and we are entering our busiest selling season. 
If you are in the market … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Homes in Lubbock, TX! - 06/10/12 03:06 AM
Homes are selling!  This spring to early summer has been record breaking for many in the real estate business in Lubbock.   I have been delighted to have the opportunity of working with several new buyers.  Friends who I helped with a sell/buy a few years ago are selling again and moving on.  I am grateful to my many friends and clients.
PLEASE take a look at two special listings I have.  Google them to find them on Trulia OR follow the link below to my website.
11010 Canton - This super cute 3/2/2 is in the Cooper School District and … (2 comments)

lubbock realtor: Searching for a Home in Lubbock? - 02/10/12 02:00 PM
I am working with three buyers now.  Customer one is looking for homes to flip, likes to find 3/2/2 homes under 80,000.00.  They don't come along often, but can be found.  Client two is looking for a 3/2/2 in south Lubbock.  Her main criteria is that the kitchen have sufficient cabinets, the master bedroom be larger than 13 x 15, and that the at least one of the other bedrooms be a good size.  Client three wants a three or four bedroom home of at least 1900 square feet in the Cooper school district. 
Every buyer is looking for something special, … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Lubbock Realtor shares tidbits from TODAY SHOW! - 01/31/12 10:21 AM
95% of metro areas are expected to see increases in home prices this year.
Buyer’s should act quickly before rates go up.  Interest rates may stay at this level but will likely begin to move up and this trend will be related to general recovery of the economy.
A good credit score is 760 and above will be needed to get best interest rates.
If it could fit your needs or your clients, it is best to buy a smaller home if you plan to stay in your home for 5 years or less.  Smaller homes … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Homes in Lubbock, TX - The Process! - 12/30/11 06:47 AM
We are two days from a new year...the diapered baby and old man with a beard about to pass in the hallway of time.  Are you thinking about buying or selling a home in 2012?  Will this be the year you downsize and simplify your life?  Has your family grown out of your current home?
Call on me (or text or email) and I will save you time and work hard to help you achieve your real estate goals!
In case you are a first time home buyer, here is a synopsis of the process:
·         Contact me and put me … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Lubbock TX has White Christmas - 12/25/11 03:03 PM
Christmas 2011 brought beautiful snow so we had a White Christmas.  Our heaviest snow and fattest snow flakes fell on Christmas Eve which coincided with our extended family dinner.  We downsized this year to a smaller home and I wasn't sure we could still have the whole crew over...worried that there would not be enough room for all to sit to eat and visit.  Our last home, the one in Ransom Canyon, had three living areas including a basement for the kiddos.  This home has a single open space encompassing living, dining, and kitchen. A few weeks ago when thinking about … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Auction at Lubbock County Courthouse Gazebo - 11/11/11 05:40 AM
Who knew that in addition to real estate one could purchase judgments and account receivables at auction!  Yesterday there was an auction and a lone participant bid $30,001.00 and won almost $3 million dollars in account receivables and judgments tied to swindler Benny Judah.  So for the 30K investment the bidder has a potential for a tremendous return IF he/she can collect.  The court apparently collected over 15K from these accounts.  The bidder may have a good lawyer on retainer who will go halves with him on collections and a big tough guy enforcer. 
In the newspaper there was posted a list of numerous Lubbock, Shallowater, … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Showing Lubbock Homes! - 11/02/11 09:13 AM
I have an appointment to show a home in South Lubbock this evening.  But the winds are cold and howling.  What is a real estate agent to do?  Bundle up and go show the home!  Look forward to seeing this great family and hope we can find them a perfect Lubbock home!
Do you or someone you know plan to buy or sell a Lubbock home in the next few months?  Not many people actually WANT to move during the holidays (how many days till Christmas?) but some do because right house comes along, or because of a significant life event, or in … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Investor Wanted for Lubbock Home - 10/28/11 04:22 PM
I had a call from a young man who is trying to sell a Lubbock home that belonged to his mother before she passed away a few months ago.  The home needs a lot of work (flooring, paint, some sheetrock, and more) but has good bones, metal roof, and two newly tiled bathrooms.  This small Lubbock home was built in the 50's, has three bedrooms, two baths, and a single car garage.  Great rental potential, possible flip!?!? I really want to help this man and his brother to sell their mom's home.  If you'd like to get more details on this Lubbock home … (1 comments)

lubbock realtor: Lubbock's First Freeze! - 10/28/11 04:09 PM
Lubbock's early morning temperature was 32 degrees!  The weatherman says that Lubbock's first freeze was at 4:10 this morning.  Brrrr.  And while Lubbock's temperatures fluctuate wildly, our housing market in Lubbock remains stable. 
I love my job as a Lubbock Realtor!  Helping individuals and families find great Lubbock homes.  If you wonder how to begin the process, I'd be glad to help.
Mary Benton, REALTOR
Keller WIlliams Realty

lubbock realtor: Haboob in Lubbock TX! - 10/19/11 07:36 AM

Well, being a native West Texan I did not realize there was a term for 'enormous sand storm' that I didn't know.  Then two days ago a wall of dust, the leading edge of a cold front, blew into the city.  So the news folks were glibly using the term "haboob".  I googled the term and found it is an arabic word that means enormous sand storm...or something like that.  It was truly the worst I have ever seen but not the only one.  In May 1970, the same month as the Lubbock tornado, a haboob (see how casually I … (1 comments)

lubbock realtor: Premier Lubbock Realtor Serving Area Buyers and Sellers - 09/01/11 08:19 AM
What me?  Mary Benton, a premier Lubbock Realtor? 

I looked up the word 'premier' before using it as an adjective for myself.  One part of the Wikipedia definition is "leading" and I am comfortable with that and believe it to be entirely appropriate.  I am a REALTOR with Keller Williams Realty in Lubbock and have been in the top 20% of agents in my market center and was ranked 9th out of our approximately 100 KW Realtors in closed volume for 2010.  Out of approximately 800 Lubbock Realtors, I have consistently been in the top 10%.  And aside from numbers, … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Lubbock Realtor provides Tech Terrace statistics - 08/30/11 11:12 AM
I had the pleasure of walking through the Tech Terrace neighborhood, meeting some nice folks, last week - in the morning of course before it got so hot.  Walking any area in Lubbock, even one as lovely as Tech Terrace, isn't much fun when the temperature is in triple digits!  If you see me roaming the neighborhood, I'm not trying to sell you anything, so please hold back the hounds and come say hello.  I love working in Tech Terrace and I'm an advocate for your homes and your neighborhood.
And two weeks ago I got to show the fabulous Underwood … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Lubbock Homes and Home Auction Information - 08/30/11 10:47 AM

There is a great Lakeridge home that is going up for auction.  This home has been listed and withdrawn, and then it has been a HUD home owned by Fannie Mae but still the home did not sell.  The primary problem is likely the location in that the home sits on a corner lot on 98th Street just a few blocks east of Slide Road. This is a wonderful neighborhood but high traffic street.  I have owned a home on a busy street before and don't want to again but I would say this - if you are mostly an 'indoor' person … (0 comments)

lubbock realtor: Home Auctions in Lubbock! - 08/13/11 11:11 AM
So far Auctions for Homes in Lubbock have been few and far between.  It is fascinating to follow some of the homes up for auction in other parts of the state.  I did drive out south of town a few months ago and saw an amazing country home that was being auctioned.  This particular Lubbock County home appeared to have been abandoned for some time and needed a lot of work.  But the potential was incredible! 
 I registered myself and my buyer clients and we were anxious as the bidding began.  During the bidding some of the details of the property changed, … (0 comments)

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