seo: How Long Can You Afford to Not Know - 02/29/12 08:48 PM
Seth Godin wrote a blog post called, Ashamed to not know" and it is bound to be an instant classic. The concept is simple - things change when we're embarrassed about it. It's embarrasing to sit outside your office smoking a cigarette. As a result, fewer people smoke cigarettes. As a society, we've made it publicly shameful to be a racist (one of Seth's examples).
At what point will it be shameful to not know?
To not know which of your marketing strategies produces the best result To not know what inbound internet marketing is To not know what seo services … (1 comments)

seo: Guaranteed SEO? - 01/03/12 01:42 PM
If you ask Google if an SEO company can guarantee you a top organic ranking, they'll tell you that the answer is, "no." A lot of realtors wonder why SEO companies can't guarantee them a top spot. Let me shed a little light on the situation. It's difficult to guarantee that over which you have limited control. It's for this reason that many ethical SEO companies don't offer any type of SEO ranking guarantees.
Regardless of what they say during their sales presentation or what information is contained in their literature, no SEO company has control over Google's ranking algorithm. No … (0 comments)

seo: Are You Maximizing Your Online Real Estate? - 12/21/11 11:53 AM
If you'd like to get more business from the web in 2012, you need to start thinking of yourself as an online real estate developer.  Each website and social media profile is like a separate piece of property within an enormous neighborhood. Your prospective clients are like trick-or-treaters.
If you want more trick-or-treaters to visit you on Halloween, you can spend more time promoting your house as the best ("we're giving away full size snickers bars people!!") or you can build more houses in the neighborhood - or, ideally, you can do both!
If you have a website, at a minimum, … (0 comments)

seo: The Benefits of Creating Your Own TV Channel - 12/07/11 01:35 PM
In the past, if you wanted to put your name in front of a truly massive audience, you had to pay someone big bucks. TV, radio and print networks controlled access to their audiences and there weren't many to choose from (for audiences or advertisers). Today, this is no longer the case. The media market has fractured into a million plus little pieces. We're in a new age - the age of micro media or niche media.
With this change from mass media to micro media comes an enormous opportunity for local business owners. Instead of having to pay someone else … (0 comments)

seo: What's a Click Worth? - 11/30/11 06:21 AM
What would you pay to get a new qualified visitor to your website?  How much should you be willing to pay?
How much can you afford to pay? Do you really even know?
If you've never asked - and answered - these questions, there's a high probability that you're wasting precious marketing dollars or otherwise not maximizing your online marketing performance. That's the bad news. The good news is that it's not that difficult to determine the value of a new website visitor - all you need are some basic metrics.
To start with, you need to determine what you're willing … (0 comments)

seo: SEO Tip: Track Then Optimize - 11/27/11 11:08 AM
At this point, most of you are probably familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of adjusting your website's code, site structure, on-site content and off-page factors to make it easier for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find, read, index and rank your site. But before you edit a single line of code, change a page heading or ask a relevant website to link back to yours, make sure you have proper website tracking in place and gather some baseline data. Data plus gut intuition beats gut intuition every time.
What type … (0 comments)

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