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Things have changed in the lending world. Now more than ever, you want to be sure you're working with a lender who is dedicated to expanding their knowledge, and commited to providing you with a personalized mortgage plan that integrates your mortgage into your whole financial plan. The Certified...
I love my job.   I get a thrill showing people how to do what others would say is impossible, especially when it comes to the ownership of Real Estate.  I have learned in life that the old adage is true:  "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" especially when it comes to real estate.  And until you ...
Here's a nice survey of Marin County home sales from 2005-2007 co-authored by my appraiser Chantal Griffin, of Griffin Appraisals. The survey goes town-by-town and divides the properties into single family and townhomes and further divides sales into price ranges. The local newspapers often repor...
In this article from Best Life Magazine, a Federal Reserve Board member shows us why (with a complex mathematical model) it's better to invest in your retirement account than to accelerate payments on your home mortgage. This is a key strategy that mortgage planners teach their clients.  When you...
When I show my clients why they should not pay off their homes, they usually thank me for the information.  The data is sound, but what I like about sharing this information is that it's not just mortgage planners like me who have figured out why this makes so much sense, but top financial planne...
What kind of loans can one get under the new Fannie Mae "New conforming Limit" or "Junbo Lite"?Unfortunately, not "interest only" for fixed rate mortgages, that's too bad because the 30 YR Fixed w/ 10 Year Interest Only is an excellent product.  The Fannie Mae website, under "Eligible Product Typ...
How much is my house worth? Many people wondering just that have come to accept's "Zestimates" as accurate, and the site even claims 90% accuracy for the San Francisco Bay Area. Our video tells another story!Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be involved in a real estate...

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