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Matt Grohe, RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts, 8020 Douglas Ave Urbandale, IA 50322. Matt is licensed in Iowa.



An oft quoted hackneyed maxim purports to inform us that the definition of insanity "is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Isn't insanity things like believing you're a chicken, jumping in front of a train or cutting yourself open so you can let the red ho...
"Hey" you might be saying, "That's too many wins." Well, actually it's exactly enough. In my view, everybody wins with home warranties, the seller, the buyer, the buyer agent and the seller's agent.Home warranty programs, for the unindoctrinated, are an insurance product. Often a seller of a resi...
I grew up in the Midwest, in Iowa. All in all we had a pretty happy household and I was very fortunate in that respect. We lived on a cul-de-sac, there were woods and a creek nearby, and the neighborhood was full of kids. Somewhere along the line however I got off track. The seeds were my mother'...
Seems like I've been hearing this a lot lately. Probaly a dozen times at least in the past month. Many buyers are calling and e-mailing and expressing their desire to look at homes or start their search without having a pre-approval or even having talked to a lender. Inevitably buyers feel that w...
If the mood ever strikes you, as it struck me a few months ago, venture to the NAHB National Association of Homebuilders website and peruse their education offerings. You'll find lots of great classes being offered there all across this great nation of ours. One course in particular that has been...
This morning I had the honor, and the pleasure, of making the acquaintance of Nancy Gainer of Gainer Consulting based in Ladysmith, Virginia. Nancy, for those of you who are not aware, has been an adjunct instructor for the National Association of Homebuilders in the greater south and points beyo...
In a desperate bid to gain any advantage I can in real estate, and to improve my skills in order to better serve my clients, I've flown the coop and landed in Birmingham. The Greater Birmingham Association of Homebuilders is offering several great courses down here this week and I decided it woul...

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