woodbury: As the final days of summer start to wane, Twin Cities home buyers posted their 14th consecutive week of double-digit, year-over-year gains. - 08/23/11 04:51 AM
 For the week ending August 13, there were 47.4 percent more purchase agreements signed than during the same week last year. A total of 952 buyers entered contract.
Sellers continued their slowdown, introducing only 1,387 new properties to the marketplace. That's 13.7 percent fewer than last year at this time. Slowed listings and comparatively strong sales figures have helped inventory levels post their largest weekly decline on record. The 24,232 active listings for sale were down 19.7 percent from last year. That record will likely be broken next week.
Renewed economic uncertainties combined with the Fed's announcement to maintain low interest … (0 comments)

woodbury: 997 Twin Cities Home Buyers make a great decision to buy now! - 08/15/11 09:14 AM
While day traders continue along their roller coaster ride, 997 Twin Cities home buyers made the smart investment in real estate. That's 40.0 percent more than those who made the investment last year. As this year's pending sales trendline rounds off its seasonal peak, you'll notice that purchase demand is coming back in line with historical trends.
Sellers were another story. There were 1,433 new listings, 18.7 percent fewer than this time last year. Seller activity has also likely reached its seasonal peak but remains below historical levels for this time of year. Consequently, buyers have effectively absorbed existing supply. … (0 comments)

woodbury: Very affordable condo in Woodbury MN at only $75,000 2br's/1Bath - 08/10/11 04:55 AM

woodbury: Beautifuly updated split in Blaine MN! - 08/02/11 03:53 AM

woodbury: When is the ideal time to buy your Woodbury, MN home? - 08/01/11 04:29 AM
I often have clients ask "When is the ideal time to buy a home"? In order to appropriately answer the question with their best interest in mind I will have to see why they ask. Usually the response is about interest rates, prices, or something like "My uncle's, mechanic's, best friend that that used to be a Realtor said..." My short answer is "When you are ready." but what does that mean? How stable is your employment? Do you intend to stay or hold on to the property for more than 5 years? Do you have adequate reserves in case you were to … (0 comments)

woodbury: Are Woodbury MN home prices going up already? Real estate is local.... - 07/28/11 07:06 AM
Are Woodbury MN home prices going up already? Real estate is local and every once in a while you will find some anomalies like this! While inventory is decreasing for single family homes in Woodbury Minnesota we are seeing an increase in the median sales price of traditional sales. This means the transaction can take place from a traditional approach, no foreclosure or 3rd party approval required. All you have is a seller and a buyer ready to do some business and everyone is ready to make that happen.
The way real estate should be IMHO... of course with home values … (0 comments)

woodbury: How many homes should I be looking at? - 07/22/11 09:31 AM
"How many homes should I be looking at?" is a question I am often asked by first time home buyers when we sit down for the initial consult. I have read many studies on the topic and find the average consumer begins clicking through homes on the net around 12 to 18 months before their date of closing! This is more of an information gathering stage regarding age of homes in certain parts of town and nearby parks or schools.
Between 6 and 8 months out the average home buyer may begin calling on signs or even visiting open houses while … (1 comments)

woodbury: Woodbury listing inventory is approaching a 5 year low! - 07/18/11 10:16 AM

Woodbury listing inventory is approaching a 5 year low. That's right, we are on pace right now to go below the low of 295 single family homes for sale set in Aug/Sept. 2010 bringing us back to the levels seen in June of 2006! This, of course, marked the beginning of the down turn in home sales and sygnified the bubble bursting in our market.
I remember it like it was just yesterday. The market that spring was like a bad dream when you want to run away from the bad guy but you just can't muster the strength … (0 comments)

woodbury: What if we removed all our furniture? - 07/14/11 04:21 AM
I wanted to get your thoughts on if we move Aug. 18-20, what if we clear everything out of our house. My wife is pretty convinced that it'll appear larger with nothing in it but I'm on the fence. Are the pictures of how we had stuff in the rooms enough if nothing was in them? What do you think?
Mr. Homeowner,
The reason for staging is to create an experience, define space, and help the buyer visualize how they can use the different spaces in the home. If you pull everything out it's left to their imagination and most of … (1 comments)

woodbury: Just like NEW townhome in Saint Paul Park MN! - 07/13/11 04:35 AM

woodbury: Great country retreat in May Twp / Hugo MN! - 07/07/11 07:56 AM

woodbury: How is the real estate market doing in the Twin Cities? - 06/30/11 04:21 AM
"How is the real estate market doing in the Twin Cities?" is a question I hear almost daily now... it's almost as if people want me to talk negatively about the market. I have always stood by the quote "if you don't like what you are seeing change the way you are looking at it" or "change the way you look at things and the things you look at change" You get the idea, maybe a Wayne Dyer quote?

The market is bad for who... certainly not buyers! The market we have now is an opportunity for people to buy … (0 comments)

woodbury: Update: The flying iPad will be able to limp through the summer! - 06/28/11 03:26 AM
The flying iPad will make it through the summer! I found a guy in the Maplewood Mall who agreed to fix the screen for $150, of course, no warranties. Worth a shot I say, by October or November I'm sure we'll see an iPad 3 and all I'm doing at this point is email, sign-my-pad, listing presentation in keynote, mls access, dropbox with team, mozy for personal, blog posting... hootsuite, facebook, Twitter... wait a minute. In just 3 short months this oversized cell phone that's not a phone took the place of my right leg! I hope this fix holds or … (0 comments)

woodbury: An iPad does not fly.... I checked, there is no App for that! - 06/27/11 05:44 AM
This weekend I found out that an iPad does not fly.... I checked, there is no App for that! I set it on the roof of my car and decided to check something out in the back yard. Distracted by a text while returning to the garage, jumped in my car and took off for the 11AM first time home-buyer consult at the office. I am amazed it made 7 corners before bouncing off my trunk at about 40MPH and splattering across the pavement! Cost for Apple to fix, about $375. Cost to buy an exact replacement $399. The look on my face … (3 comments)

woodbury: Twin cities housing market update June 2011 from MAR - 06/24/11 03:51 AM

woodbury: New Oakdale one level living! Priced to sell at $125,000! - 06/24/11 03:50 AM

woodbury: Mechanic's Dream coming up next week in Hugo MN! - 06/22/11 08:41 AM
The Johnson Real Estate Group serves Woodbury, Oakdale, Cottage Grove, and the entire Twin Cities Area including Western Wisconsin! We are dedicated to providing a superior experience when buying or selling your Twin Cities home! Contact us at www.tjreg.com to find out more.
Just the finishing touches left to wrap up and this home is ready for a quick sale! 4+ car heated garage with everything a mechanic or small construction/landscaping business would need! There is also a large pole bar out back with cement floor for cold storage. 5 acres with a private pond and some beautiful updates to the residence this home is … (0 comments)

woodbury: Median sales price of Woodbury's traditional inventory is going up! - 06/21/11 05:12 AM
The median sales price of Woodury's traditional inventory is going up! You will not hear this on the 5 o'clock news! There is not enough "doom and gloom" Traditional sale prices on the increase in Woodbury? Well, let's not jump to conclusions here there is an explanation for this. It does, however, add to my cautious optimism that we are in the midst of a bottom... let' hope this final round of upper bracket foreclosures do not flood the market again pushing prices further downward!

Matthew Johnson

woodbury: Do watergardens add or detract from the value? - 06/20/11 03:33 AM
The Johnson Real Estate Group serves Woodbury, Oakdale, Cottage Grove, and the entire Twin Cities Area including Western Wisconsin! We are dedicated to providing a superior experience when buying or selling your Twin Cities home! Contact us at www.tjreg.com to find out more.
This question goes right along with pools. I can see the maintenance issue that may make some buyers apprehensive about purchasing a home with pools or ponds. Of course once you are familiar with the system it becomes a breeze and only takes about 15 minutes a week and a hour or so in the spring/fall to set up. … (0 comments)

woodbury: How far do you travel... how do you define a "Star Agent"? - 06/15/11 04:02 AM
The Johnson Real Estate Group serves Woodbury, Oakdale, Cottage Grove, and the entire Twin Cities Area including Western Wisconsin! We are dedicated to providing a superior experience when buying or selling your Twin Cities home! Contact us at www.tjreg.com to find out more.
Let's start by defining "Start Agent". In Bold we were tought that driving anywhere across town to get your hands on a deal is ultimatley a waste of time in the big picture. But I have bills to pay today is the common objection and I can compleatley understand that. Like Cheech and Chong's movie, "Things are touigh … (0 comments)

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