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NEW VERSION OF FICO IS RELEASED!FICO Score 10 Just announced!!!FICO Score 10 includes trended data Are you coming to CreditCon to get educated about it? Learn directly from FICO's 26 year veteran trainer Julie Wooding! Buy your ticket now - prices increase in 8 days! You can use code facebook100 ...
01/24/2020 New Speaker Announced:Maggie is a Latino woman who grew up in an orphanage. Maggie took $800 and started a salsa company. Four years later she sold it to Campbell’s for $231 million. From homelessness to success, she can inspire your teams, leadership, and organizations. Hear h...
I thought this might make someone laugh..... Every year my company, National Credit Fixers, sends out a Christmas card to our current clients, former clients, and referral partners. A few days ago one of our cards was returned in the mail due to the address being vacant. Now here's the kicker...t...
Have you heard???? Will you be there???The New Haven Middlesex Realtor 2018 Trade Show and Expo is coming up TOMORROW, October 25, 2018! Two of my Sales Reps will be there sharing what we can do for your clients and to help you close more loans!For more info go here:
    Contact National Credit Fixers today for more details!!!!!!!!! Send us your clients who need credit help and YOU can become a referral partner...let's help each other make some money! (860) 282-6181
The following was sent to me by a friend.  I thought it would be a great reminder of how our attitude is everything. Enjoy a wonderful lesson from Harvey Mackay..."Harvey Mackay, tells a wonderful story about a cab driver that proved this point.He was waiting in line for a ride at the airport.  W...
At CreditCon ( we will discuss yesterday's Settlement between the CFPB and Experian.You can read the full 26 page settlement here: Bureaus/experian March 23 2017 cfpb settlement.pdfHere is my 4 paragraph summary of the 26 pages: One of th...
On Friday the 13th (spooky, I know...) Mohegan Sun hosted the New England Mortgage Expo.  Did anyone attend? We were there!   
I hope all of you out there are as excited as I am about this upcoming new year.  I wish all Happy Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year! And of course, one FINAL tip.....Typically, this is a time of year where you see family and friends you may not have seen in awhile.  Make sure you let them...

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