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Matt's Connecticut Credit Repair Company Blog
One of the biggest compononents of effective credit repiar is sending letters: to credit bureaus, to creditors etc. As you can imagine, when you start doing lots and lots of credit repair, you are printing a TON of letters. If I only print a hundred letters in one day I can consider it a slow day...
One of the things which bothers me the most is when I do great credit repair work for a client - and then when it comes time to foot the bill, they are nowhere to be found! I cannot count the times that I have difficulty collecting payment from a client - It's an unfortunate side-effect of runnin...
Would anyone like a free ticket to the Celtic Thunder concert?   Tonight - Oakdale in Wallingford CT.   Section 201 row EE   Ticket includes parking and coat check.   Here is a link to the event website if you want to check them out:   :)   MattToll Free...
For those of you who may not know, I own a credit repair company, National Credit Fixers. Although my company does business all over the country, as our name implies, we do have a 'home base' so to speak. Our company headquarters is located in Vernon, Connecticut. Apparently, the town of Vernon h...
Some of you may have heard of the site 'The Top Tens'. If you haven't, its a neat site which ranks things in virtually unlimited categories. This ranking is done by user votes, who can create their own 'top ten' list to vote for a company. The credit repair list is especially popular. Many people...
When I buy a product or service from a company, I like to feel confident in my purchase. And one of the ways I ensure confidence in the company is to find out as much as I can about their history. Knowing where a company started, their track record of results, and who their management is are very...
Whatever your business, marketing is a key component of it. There are a variety of different ways to accomplish that task - from radio, to newspaper, internet, and word of mouth. But I recently tried my hand at two new sources of advertising: billboards and radio ads. The billboard I rented for 5...
In the world of credit repair, there are many types of derrogetory accounts. People generaly first think of late payments on credit cards, or colelction accounts for unpaid medical bills. In the most extreme, people think of foreclosures and bankruptcies. But, there are other items which are list...
As I have mentioned in other posts, removing negative items on a person's credit report is only half the credit repair battle. In addition to taking away the bad, you need to also introduce some good. What I mean by that is that you need to demonstrate to the credit reporting agencies that you ha...
When people talk to me about credit repair, they usually only bring up half the equation. They are concerned with their current previous derrogetory items. They want to know about all of their late payments, judgements, or even foreclosures. More importantly, they are only concerned with removing...

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