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Matt's Connecticut Credit Repair Company Blog
In any kind of business, you always need to keep a record of client data: and amass a  huge amount of files in the process! Believe me, in this category credit repair is no exception. With hundreds of current clients at any given time, the amount of information that has to be organized is dizzyin...
Like many of you, my website is an integral part of my business. Over half of my clients find me on the internet while searching for credit repair! Because of this, it is crucial that my website is both useful, and that it is highly ranked by search engines! When I designed my original website ye...
I was recently reviewing the computer backup system that I have in my office, and I started to get worried. All of my office's important data is contained on a network drive that everyone can access. This drive is then backed up, every night, to another drive. My thought process back then was tha...
Over the years, I've worked on different ways to market my business (credit repair) to consumers. My task, in a nutshell, is to convince them that I would do a good job at repairing their credit if hired. Easier said than done. Obviously things like stating that you are "BBB A+ rated" or that you...
Individuals know the importance of their credit score. It determines whether or not they can buy a house, or a car, or get a loan! Their credit score is checked wherever they look, from applying for a job, to applying for a store card, to getting a mortgage. As such, people (or most of them anywa...
National Credit Fixers is proud to be participating in the Ultimate Mortgage Expo on June 10-11 in Atlantic City. This convention will be held at the beautiful Tropicana, and feature over 30 exhibitors. Plus, if you get there a day early, there will also be free NMLS-mandated CE for attendees! No...
If someone had asked me what is the simplest, most overlooked technique to quality credit repair, my answer would likely surprise them: certified mail. Certified mail is the most underrated, underutilized aspect of credit repair. Most credit repair companies don’t employ certified mail (read abou...
Hi everyone, In an average day at my credit repair company, I find myself explaining the process of credit repair multiple times. I figured why not create a video that explains the basics of credit repair to all! Let me know what you think, or anything I could add to make the video more clear!   ...
In my line of work (credit repair), I deal with a TON of different collection agencies. These collection agencies often send out letters to my clients demanding payment for a debt they have been hired to collect, or have acquired themselves. These agencies, however, MUST BE LICENSED in most stat...
My Story A few years back, I did some credit work for a client, and his check bounced. Contacting the client did no good, and he refused to make good on the payment. Eventually, I won in small claims court, which ordered him to pay the amount he owed.   The Tricky Part I soon found out, however, ...

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