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Sometimes, I come across articles that I think are really good. I like to share those with you from time to time. I hope this adds value to you today.  Enjoy this article by best selling author and leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell. “Discipline: The Path to PotentialBy Dr. John C. Maxwell He ...
All of us- you, me, our clients, the entire country, all of us have certain things we long for, you can even say, we crave. We all have the desire for life and love. It is easy in the business world to stop thinking of people as human beings and just look at them as a potential sale. But the trut...
I saw this article and wanted to share it. Hope you like it! Start From Nothing and Become Financially Independent by Developing Four Qualities by Brian TracyMore than eighty percent of self-made millionaires in America began with nothing or in many cases, less than nothing. I can certainly relat...
The below article was written by Ken Taylor. Ken is President of Kent Taylor & Associates, Inc., a training and consulting firm.  Why do we often think we have it worse than the next person? Why is it so easy to get discouraged when markets change and actions that were working for us suddenly bec...
It amazes me how many people fight to get business in the door and yet how few people do ANYTHING to get people who have already used them to refer people to them. The most anyone does is ask that pat, “If you hear of anyone needing ____ service, let me know!” To which the happy client always say...
Staying energized during the work day is KEY to being a Top Producer. I am amped a lot of the time. I found the following article written by Nick Van Nice and thought it would be of value to you.Enjoy and have a great day!  5 Ways to Boost Your Energy in 5-minutes!I’m a raving fan of managing per...
Got an e-mail the other day from a Realtor asking what is the right amount of time to keep bothering people after they made an initial call off of a sign or listing. Instead of dealing with that question I spent time talking to the Realtor about the bigger problem, she perceived following up as b...
Many Realtors believe that the top producers are “lucky” because they have assistants and buyers agents and indeed, in some ways they have their own sales force. But actually ANY Realtor, as well as any sales professional for that matter, can produce their own sales force and the best news is-YOU...
All of business teaches us a simple lesson, if you want to be extremely successful, solve people’s problems. All the great industries, businesses, and sales people have this one thing in common-they solve problems. Now I am not talking about little annoying problems like termites, I am talking ab...
There is still much more opportunity then difficulty. In fact, often, the difficulty is the opportunity. I believe that people like us who are drawn to this industry inherently know we have what it takes to make it in real estate. There is nobody but you who can stop you from being successful in ...

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