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NOTE: My sales hat is removed... Are you a broker out there running your business without a General Liability policy?  A G/L policy protects you from physical and liability losses.  (Not to be confused with E&O coverage for contractual errors.)With a lack of insurance and throwing a Open house or...
It happens oh so often, the customer calls their agent and states, "I need to renew my policy but the home has been vacant for 2+ months as we try to sell."  The statement immediately positions the insurance company to "terminate" the policy.The multiple listing services documents the vacant stat...
How do you find an agent to work with? Referral, Yellow Pages, Proximity, Age, Sex, Race, Networking group, Friend, Family, etc.. Consider some other perspectives in the interviewing process: Is the level of service provided equal to or better than your level?  Bottom line, you want the customer'...
When a home is rented, the owner should convert the policy from a homeowner policy to a Landlord Policy.  That is traditional landlord "coverage" but should it stop there?Landlord coverage extends to other services and products that can protect the landlord:1.  Landlords/owners need a property ma...
Liability coverage is becoming the number one item where homeowners are under-insured.  Townhomes, Condos, and Single Family homes all have different risks.  The thought is this: In the event of the insured's negligence, who else experiences losses?A single family home in our area recently burned...
Are you a buyer's agent and a bit overwhelmed by the amount of "easy deals" out there in the "lease purchase" arena?Arranging a sale for a future date is a GREAT way to position you for a commission... Some agents even get their commission at the time the Lease Purchase agreement is signed and th...
Tenants purchase renter policies to protect their "stuff".  Personal property protection is a start to the coverage... but there is much more.  The policy traditionally comes with Liability coverage too.  This is the coverage that protects the Landlord... How?Here is an example:  In 1989, I purch...


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