matt locke: Johns Creek Georgia- Founders Day - 11/16/07 02:45 AM

matt locke: Subrogation: How could that term affect you? - 06/16/07 01:53 PM
DEFINITION OF SUBROGATION    An insurance carrier may reserve the "right of subrogation" in the event of a loss. This means that the company may choose to take action to recover the amount of a claim paid to a covered insured if the loss was caused by a third party. After expenses, the amount recovered must be divided proportionately with the insured to cover any deductible for which the insured was reponsible.  (From
Now this may mean little to you... but this group,, specializes in looking for and finding opportunities to make "subrogation" work.
So as you consider working with or without … (1 comments)

matt locke: Insurance is all the same, Right? Mortgage Imposed vs. Insured Purchased - 06/14/07 02:11 PM
You have heard the term "mortgage company imposed" insurance.  The term "insurance" is included in the phrase but have you ever consider what that policy covers? 
If the mortgage company is purchasing insurance and passing that expense to the owner/mortgagee, one may assume that the coverage is consistant to the traditional policy.  With the LARGE expense passed to the mortgagee, all parties may think that this policy offers coverage equal to or greater than the traditional policy.
 REALITY: Investigate deeper.  More often than not, the mortgage company imposed policy only insures the mortgage company's interest. Don't confuse Property Insurance with PMI coverage.  PMI coverage inherantly does not cover normal … (2 comments)


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