north providence: Good Article on Home ownership - 07/06/11 08:45 AM
Check out the link below for a great article on home ownership.  The housing market will recover and a vast majority of people want to be part of that recovery!

north providence: Patience - 06/17/11 04:50 AM
Note to buyers, sellers and in this case perhaps most importantly myself, patience is a virtue.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm the type of guy who often wonders when something isn't done, why it wasn't done yesterday and in Real Estate, in many cases I've found this to be a good attitude.  For example, when you're waiting on finishing details with a sales contract, inspections etc. you don't ever want to procrastinate.  All you're doing is setting yourself up for disaster.
But in the negotiation phase you have to be patient sometimes.  When you're on the list side of a deal and a co-broke sends you a lowball … (7 comments)

north providence: Listening to your seller clients - 06/15/11 07:07 AM
At our office we are trained NOT to take every listing.  Lets face it, if you're going in the door taking a listing with the sole intention of grinding the seller down over time on their price until they reach the cusp of market value, you're not only putting yourself through an ordeal, you're ultimately not providing an honest service.  We're taught that when you take a listing you are implying that there is at least a chance you will sell the property for the list price.  Most sellers want to list higher than our CMAs suggest and we as agents … (0 comments)

north providence: He/She Who Hesitates is Lost - 06/14/11 04:39 AM
Real estate is not for the faint of heart.  When you see what you want you have to reach out and grab it.  Being aggressive is a good thing.  If you're a home buyer and you see a property you love and get your offer together that night, or the next day, what kind of message does that send the seller...  It tells them a)You're serious and b) You don't have time to waste.  As agents we are at fault oftentimes for not pushing our clients enough.  When a buyer is 95% of the way there, that last shadow of a doubt is nothing … (2 comments)

north providence: Busy day - 06/12/11 02:54 AM
Open house at 116 Grace Street in Cranston.  Great colonial with Victorian influences, high ceilings, big rooms, renovated in 2008.  Its on a quiet street off Park Avenue but a stones throw from shopping and amenities at Garden City.  After that, I have two possible offers going on in buyer controlled sales, it could be a really good/lucrative day but the goal is satisfied clients so thats what we're always working on!  Good luck everybody!

north providence: Buyer Consultation - 06/08/11 12:57 PM
One of the most important and most often skipped steps in buyer agency is the initial buyer interview.  With gas at $4 per gallon, buyers don't need to see 35-40 houses spread acroos four towns in order to make a buying decision, if their agent takes the time to sit with them for a couple hours and figure out where they want to live, what kind of home they want to live in, how much they are comfortable paying and what there wants and needs are in the home they are looking to purchase.  It's so tempting for agents and buyers alike to just get … (4 comments)

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