buying: Update to Sell - Enjoy Now - 07/16/15 12:52 AM
If you are thinking about selling your house, why not start the updates now? Many people redo their home when they are ready to move and wish they had made the changes earlier so they could have enjoyed it for a few months. Doing the work as you go makes it less expensive and time consuming when the decision to sell is made. The best part is you do not have to spend a lot of money to accomplish a few items that will reap big paybacks for you and the buyer.
Consider these suggestions to improve the value of your home … (1 comments)

buying: Less Stress – More Fun - 07/09/15 10:58 PM
Buying a house, either for the first time or the tenth, should be exciting and fun. However, if you are not aware of the possible pitfalls, your house buying could turn into a stressed filled experience. Knowledge is power, and with a few proven tips you can keep the process from overwhelming you.
Find a real estate agent you can connect with. Do not try to go it alone. When you are preparing for a serious medical procedure, your first step is finding a skilled and knowledgeable doctor. Purchasing a house is just as important. You may know what you want, … (2 comments)

buying: Improving Your Outdoor Space - 06/18/15 03:15 AM
Everyone loves space for entertaining friends and family, but many feel the layout of their home does not provide the space needed to properly entertain. Create a new space for entertaining by recreating and improving your outdoor space. These simple tips will create the perfect space for entertaining, while improving the value of your home.
Visual Appearance- When your outdoor space is bland, or without landscape, it does not feel like the purpose for the space is established. Add accents such as fountains, sculptures, or plants on stands to make the outdoor space stand out. Visit antique stores or other venues to … (2 comments)

buying: Benefits of Open Houses - 06/11/15 09:49 AM
You have listed your home, and now the agent is asking for you to schedule an open house. This creates many questions and concerns for you as the home owner, but ultimately you are wondering what the benefits to an open house are. Listed below are several of the benefits of allowing your agent to host an open house.
First, many potential buyers will plan a day to attend multiple open houses in a neighborhood. This allows the potential buyer to see a variety of homes in a short amount of time. Potential buyers like to comparison shop, and open houses are … (4 comments)

buying: Preparing to Buy a Home - 06/04/15 08:24 AM
When it is time to purchase your first home, relocate, or find a home that better fits your current needs, preparation is essential to reduce stress and make the buying process more efficient. Understanding how you as a buyer can prepare to purchase your home before attending the first open house or showing will set you apart from other buyers and help you to obtain your dream home.
In preparing to buy a home, consider what your needs are from the home. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? If this is your starter home, will you live in the home … (9 comments)

buying: Selecting an Agent - 05/28/15 04:12 AM

You have made the decision to buy or sell a home, but now comes the time to decide who you will select as your Realtor. Following these simple tips will guide you through the process of selecting your agent in the Santa Clara area.
First, review the license for the agent you are considering. When you are reviewing the license, you are looking to see if the agent has had any disciplinary actions, complaints, and what comments are stated about the agent. Reviewing the license provides peace of mind that the agent you are selecting is legitimate and following legal guidelines.
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