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Vacant Land Sales - Maui HI Who says there are no good deals out there?  Today's Paragon hot sheet shows that someone got a really good deal on 1.6 acres of land in Haiku, with an ocean view.  Originally listed at $450,000 this parcel on Aoku Place ended up selling for $175,000 - all cash.  That...
Dear Diary - My Passion is My Island Home, Maui Nei. How did I get so lucky?  Every day I wake up on Maui, this beautiful Pacific Island.  This sub-tropical climate and Maui lifestyle suits me well.   I love it here! I wasn't born here.  I didn't grow up here.  But now I'm here.  I don't want to ...
(As you may know, you can visit my website and sign up for these FREE Kula newsletters every month - as well as other newsletters for other Maui locations) Kula Maui Real Estate Newsletter     -         February 2009The February Kula Caravan really covered all bases, with a couple of affordable h...
 Maui Hawaii Real Estate Sales Statistics January 2009 The results are in for the end of January 2009, and here's the full story from the Realtors Assn of Maui.  It's a 16 page report for those of you who love numbers, with a nice explanation of what's going on in our Maui market. January Sales S...
Getting paid to go to the beach Some people have all the luck... getting paid to go to the beach!  There's the pro surfers and windsurfers who have sponsors to pay for their equipment.  They win money on the contest circuit, not to mention big bucks from advertising endorsements.  Here on the nor...
Dear Diary - In the past week I have been showing some clients a lot of homes for sale in the Wailea Maui area.  We've been to Wailea Pualani Estates, with this fabulous stand of Royal Palms pictured.  We've been to Wailea Kialoa which is just below Wailea Pualani.  We've seen everything on the m...
Check Your Twitpic uploads - it could be someone else's picture Have you ever loaded a picture to and added a comment to go with it?  Have you ever checked the picture and it was not your picture?  There was an imposter picture? That happened to me twice in one day.  It stopped me in...
Makawao/Pukalani Maui Real Estate Newsletter     -     2008 Year End Report------------------------------------------------------------Here's a 2008 year end market report for the upcountry Maui towns of Makawaoand Pukalani.I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter.PUKALANITotal properties SOLD - ...
Mercedes-Benz comes to Maui Janis Joplin would be proud to call Maui home now that there's a Mercedes-Benz dealership coming to Kahului. This is the first Mercedes-Benz showroom for the Valley Isle.  The location is at the center of town, along Hana Highway at the intersection of Hobron Lane, ri...

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