blogging: When blogging takes a back seat... - 10/03/16 12:14 PM
  When blogging takes a back seat...
... is when I can just post some nice pretty Maui pictures and call it good enough.
Driving along Wailea Avenue, Wailea Maui Hawaii
This year my time spent blogging is way down, but on the other hand, the income is way up. It's been a really great year for Maui real estate sales, and it's not over yet.
Fairmont Kea Lani resort, Maui Hawaii
So, I'll leave you with some eye candy until next time.  These photos will be featured on my upcoming new website, on the page showcasing Wailea Maui. Each part of the island will have … (13 comments)

blogging: It's time to get back to blogging, and sharing Maui with the world. - 02/04/16 12:04 PM
It's time to get back to blogging, and sharing Maui with the world.
I have taken some time off in the past few weeks, time off from blogging that is.  Well it's been nagging at me and I'm ready to get back to work!  Many of you enjoy the beautiful pictures of Maui, especially during the cold winter months when you're digging out of snow drifts or driving to work in the dark.
Some new listings in Haiku will provide eye candy to tease you about packing up and moving to Maui, or maybe just coming over for a short visit.  These … (6 comments)

blogging: Teacher Teacher, can I be excused? - how the MauiHunter skipped class today. - 05/21/10 12:38 PM

Teacher Teacher, can I be excused? - how the MauiHunter skipped class today.
Today our Jim Sanders Realty office had a couple of mandatory classes about using social media to network and enhance our business.  Topics to be covered included: having a presence on Facebook; maximizing Twitter; uploading video to YouTube; blogging for business; and getting connected on LinkedIn.  I managed to be excused from the classes after explaining to my principal broker that I'm already doing all of the above, and I showed him my YouTube channel.  In fact, he knows that I have already enjoyed some Real Estate success from … (14 comments)

blogging: YouTube videos from sunny Arizona - Montezuma Castle and South Mountain Park, Phoenix AZ - 05/13/10 12:50 PM
YouTube videos from sunny Arizona...
Please bear with me for a little more vacation fun from our short visit to AZ last week.  I promise I'll get back to blogging about Maui right after this!
Having the flip camera on vacation really makes it easy to capture the moment.  If you take a few short clips along the way, you can then produce your own little movies after the sun goes down.  
If you've never visited the state of Arizona, these short movies might help you decide it's a worthwhile destination for a family trip.  Take a quick look...


blogging: Happy New Year from Maui Hawaii - 12/31/07 09:28 AM
Still a Newbie:  I have only been here for 3 months but I have met a lot of great people and learned a lot.  This place far exceeds any expectations I never had.  I was steered here by Bobby Carroll, who must have suspected I was looking for something just like this.
Hopelessly addicted:I am SO addicted to this AR place, and blogging here, that I have completely ignored by "other" blog, which is something I need to make a resolution about.   But the good news is I have already met another Rainer face to face, … (12 comments)

blogging: NEW - the unsubscribe button - have you tried it yet? - 12/21/07 08:32 PM

I just noticed the new option at the end of the new comment alerts.  When did that start showing up? 
--- Unsubscribe from notifications for this post
This is useful for those times when you get swamped with way too many emails, which often happens when you comment on a great post by some of the blogging overachievers here like.....
Sally CheesemanBrad Andersohn Jason CrouchI haven't yet tried it, but I will because I'm the curious type.  I think this is a great new feature. 
UPDATE - I don't know about you all, but it seems to take 3 tries before it works. 
Thanks again ActiveRain, you guys … (19 comments)

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