buying on maui: Kuau Maui Hawaii shoreline from the air - 05/23/11 04:50 PM
Kuau Maui Hawaii shoreline from the air

Here we are on a beautiful day flying over the north shore of Maui, looking west towards the West Maui Mountains in the background.  Kuau Maui is in the foreground.  As you can see, it's a sparsely populated area, but it's big on natural beauty.  No wonder that celebrities like to call this place home (or second home).

Kuau is on the outskirts of Paia town, and it's very popular with anyone who loves to play in the ocean waves: windsurfers, kitesurfers, paddlers, surfers, swimmers and divers.  The water is warm all … (7 comments)

buying on maui: April 1 1980 - Maui here I come, no fooling around - 04/01/09 06:23 PM
April 1 1980 - Moving to Maui
Today is the 29th anniversary of our move to Maui.  It seems like a long time ago, yet only a few years.  What a long fun trip it's been.
Back then we were so young and foolish, and impulsive.  We just left everything behind back in Vancouver, Canada and took the plunge.  I think we had about $9,000. in cash and a whole lot of good intentions to get us started.  Maybe we were fooling ourselves?
We rented a cottage upcountry off Kauhikoa Road, a cute little place.  Paid the first and last month's … (12 comments)

buying on maui: Getting paid to go to the beach on Maui - 02/11/09 12:03 PM
Getting paid to go to the beach
Some people have all the luck... getting paid to go to the beach!  There's the pro surfers and windsurfers who have sponsors to pay for their equipment.  They win money on the contest circuit, not to mention big bucks from advertising endorsements.  Here on the north shore of Maui we get plenty of professionals who train in the water.
Then you have the lifeguards, wow what a nice job!  I had to drop in on a client who works at the beach and get his approval on a contract, since he wasn't able to … (12 comments)

buying on maui: The WWOOFer series - Part 3 - Haiku Maui WWOOFer Week 1 - 03/26/08 08:09 PM

Previously on the WWOOFer series:
I want a WWOOFer - Where Can I Find One      What's a WWOOFer?- I got a WWOOFer!
PART 3 - We got our first WWOOFer, let's call her Karen, about 10 days ago.  I drove to Kahului Airport and picked her up.  She came from Taiwan!  We had each other's cell phone numbers and pictures.  It was perfect timing, she called me just as I was pulling up to the curb to meet her... right on time.  Her bags hadn't arrived yet so we had a little time to drive around Kahului and sister city Wailuku on a quick tour of … (12 comments)

buying on maui: WEED & POT CLUB on Maui - Who knew? - 03/14/08 11:04 AM
Since I've been on a "garden and flowers" theme lately, here's another post in that vein.
While I was working on my Kula Newsletter today I came across this article in the Honolulu Advertiser, describing some of the local news for Maui.... they mentioned the WEED & POT CLUB in Kahului Maui, Hawaii.  I had no idea such a thing existed!  I guess it's thirsty work so they provide plenty of water to drink.  Here's what they had to say:
WEED & POT CLUB - Maui Nui Botanical Garden's Weed & Pot Club meets 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays at 150 Kanaloa Ave. in Kahului … (13 comments)

buying on maui: Moving to Maui Hawaii - Paia Relocation Package - 96779 - 03/03/08 08:26 AM

Relocation Package for Paia Maui HI 
So you're ready to move to Paia Maui HI- Here are some good things to think about when getting started. Of course there is so much more to know before you come here to Maui, so doing your own research is essential.  Paia is a historic sugar plantation town on the north shore.  Beautiful beaches (that's Baldwin Beach Park pictured here) and a year round warm climate make this part of Maui very attractive for almost anyone.  Paia is a very "groovy and organic" kind of town, with residents from across the globe.  Spreckelsville and Kuau are a couple of … (2 comments)

buying on maui: Moving to Maui Hawaii - Haiku Relocation Package - 96708 - 03/03/08 07:11 AM
So you want to move to Haiku Maui HI - Here are some good things to think about when getting started. Of course there is so much more to know before you come here to Maui, so doing your own research is essential.  Haiku is mostly an agricultural area, with many small and large farms, and 2 acre AG subdivisions.  Along the north coast of Maui are some spectacular homes and lots that appeal to the windsurfing crowd.  Pauwela, Peahi, Honopou, Huelo - these are all areas within the Haiku district.  I've posted plenty of Haiku Maui pictures on Pinterest
Arriving … (3 comments)

buying on maui: Maui County Property Tax Rates - 02/13/08 01:58 PM
Maui County Property Tax Rates
Here on Maui we have some of the lowest property tax rates for all the Hawaiian Islands, especially for homeowner/occupants.  People moving to Maui are often pleasantly surprised at the property tax for their new home.  If an owner lives in their home, they can qualify for the homeowner exemption, but be sure to file for it once you become a new owner, before December 31.  As your agent, I will remind you of this important deadline.
For more info about property taxes on Maui, please see the Maui County website.
For more info about buying a … (4 comments)

buying on maui: Good Deals Under $2M - New Maui Listings of Vacant Land - Hawaii - 01/06/08 09:39 AM
If you're a buyer for a large parcel of vacant land, then now is a really good time to be buying on Maui.  There is SO MUCH inventory right now.  For under $2 Million you can own a large piece of land on Maui, the best island in the world!  Check out these new listings from the past couple of months:
There are some really good new horse properties on the market these days in upcountry Maui.  See the next post for a map of Haiku.
Haiku - 38.7 acres - 1940 house and barn with manicured pastures - $1,940,000.Olinda - … (5 comments)

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