haiku maui: Do you ever use QR codes in your marketing? - 08/02/22 07:42 PM
Do you ever use QR codes in your marketing?They can be very useful for buyers to learn more about a listing if they're standing by the sign.
For example, if you point your smart phone camera at this QR code it'll take you to a live streaming cam showing a 2 acre vacant lot for sale. How easy is that?!
Buyers can check on the view, the weather, the sounds - all done remotely once they save the link.  See a property at different times of the day.  Get to know the area even when you've left the island.
Go ahead and save this … (11 comments)

haiku maui: 230 N. Holokai Rd - Haiku Maui home for sale - 07/08/22 06:37 PM
230 N. Holokai Rd - Haiku Maui home for saleJust listed on Maui's north shore - a sweet 997 sf cottage with .7 acres of land in a great neighborhood.  Asking $1,195,000 which is less than the median price of a home on Maui these days.  Click the link below to read all about it on the Hawaii Life website - 30 pictures and full description.
230 N. Holokai Rd - Haiku Maui HI 96708If you're looking for a single level, small home on a really big lot, with fruit trees and lots of flowers and plants, then you've come to the … (13 comments)

haiku maui: Live-cam set up at 320 Hanauana Rd, Haiku Maui HI - 05/05/22 08:16 PM
Live-cam set up at 320 Hanauana Rd, Haiku Maui HISo this 2 acre lot is for sale and it's hard to see it if you don't live on Maui.  The seller had a brilliant idea to install a live streaming camera from his house next door so potential buyers can appreciate the sunrise and moonrise views over the ocean.  Take a look and let me know what you think...
That's the lot for sale just past the banana plants - the grassy open space where you might see a few goats grazing.
320 Hanauana is zoned Agricultural and you can raise some farm … (11 comments)

haiku maui: Happy Easter 2022 - from Maui Hawaii - 04/17/22 08:34 PM
Happy Easter 2022 - from Maui Hawaii
Just dropped in to wish everyone a Happy Easter and hope it's been a wonderful day.  Nothing much going on here, but lots of eggs coming out of my chicken coop every day... and no stray bunnies anywhere.
Aloha from Haiku Maui.
Thanks for reading my Maui blog...
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haiku maui: My jade vine is flowering for the first time! - 03/14/22 09:15 PM
My jade vine is flowering for the first time!
We planted this tropical jade vine 2 years ago, just as the pandemic was becoming the big news of the day.  It was a skinny little wisp of a vine in a flower pot, wrapped around a stick of bamboo - so frail and delicate that I wondered if it would survive.  Of course, in Haiku Maui it's hard NOT to grow anything, so I was confident it would be okay.
We found a home in the ground where it could climb up some mock orange bushes, and waited, and watered, and waited some … (13 comments)

haiku maui: Haiku Maui vacant lot getting ready for market - 10/20/21 08:44 PM
Haiku Maui vacant lot getting ready for marketWe got some great drone video today as it was a picture perfect day - sunny, clear skies, clear air, very light winds.  You could see for miles in all directions.
The 2.24 acre lot is cleared, fenced and ready to build.  Great views, nice access road, and great neighbors too.
In the next few days I'll have some video links and more details, as soon as it hits the MLS here on Maui.
You saw it here first!   Got any questions?
Search for Haiku Maui land for sale here.
Thanks for reading my Maui blog...
Buying or selling real … (15 comments)

haiku maui: Maui Hawaii vacant land sales, especially Haiku - 2021 - 08/27/21 05:00 PM
Vacant land sales on Maui Hawaii, especially Haiku - 2021
For those who want to know what's been selling on Maui, in the vacant land world, here are some useful links with details on pricing, days on market and more:
Haiku Maui HI land 10-20 acre parcels market update Maui HI land sales - large parcels over 100 acres market update Haiku Maui HI land sales - market snapshot June 2021 Search for vacant land for sale on Maui here - MLS IDX search.
If you're in the market for a piece of ground on Maui, reach out to me about upcoming properties.
Thanks … (6 comments)

haiku maui: Firecracker heliconia in Haiku Maui - tropical flower - 08/08/21 07:40 PM
Firecracker heliconia in Haiku Maui - tropical flower
Speechless Sunday?  Perhaps.  Beautiful tropical flower - definitely.  All that lovely lush jungle just grows and grows and we don't have to water it or tend it much... just hack it back from time to time.  And we are greeted with these delightful blooms every year.
Haiku Maui is about as sustainable as it gets.  With plenty of rain, we never have to worry about wild fires or droughts.  We can grow food crops all year long.  Our air is some of the cleanest air on the planet.  The climate crisis has been really easy … (13 comments)

haiku maui: Tropical flowers in the jungle - at 810 Upper Ulumalu Rd, Haiku Maui - 03/12/20 06:40 PM
Tropical flowers in the jungle - at 810 Upper Ulumalu Rd, Haiku Maui
We saw some lovely tropical flowers today on the monthly Realtor Caravan tour.  This one property in Maui Ranch Estates was just loaded with hundreds of pots of plants and flowers.  Here's just a sample of the colorful blossoms and foliage that we encountered.

Tropical anthurium flower in Haiku Maui
Anthuriums come in all shades of red, pink, and white, and here's a lovely specimen.  See some more examples from today on my Instagram page.
Orchids growing naturally outdoors in Haiku Maui
Everyone loves orchids, and here on Maui you can put … (14 comments)

haiku maui: Getting creative with driftwood and junk in Haiku Maui - 02/20/20 06:39 PM
Getting creative with driftwood and junk in Haiku Maui.
What do you get when you take some driftwood, corks, and heavy guage wire?  A fun fish to hang on the wall! 
A neighbor had a driftwood party and invited a bunch of us over to get creative.  She went to a lot of bother to gather piles of driftwood, and soak it and dry it to get rid of any creepy crawlies.  We were inspired with all the woods, scraps of wires, rocks, shells, and other fun things to put together.  Glue guns, power tools, drills and what not were all … (20 comments)

haiku maui: Waipio Bay - Huelo Maui homes for sale - 12/08/19 06:21 PM
Waipio Bay - Huelo Maui homes for sale
Huelo, in Haiku Maui, has some smaller neighborhoods that are oceanfront.  Along Maui's north shore you'll find some great communities with large parcels and homesteads, small farms, and organic farms.  Huelo, Waipio, Honokala, Hoolawa, Honopou - these are some of the neighborhoods.
Door of Faith Road leads down to a diverse community, with some oceanfront estates with beautiful homes and views.  Right now there's a good selection of homes with acreage for sale.  Door of Faith Rd - 3 listings, including 1 that's oceafront (see pictures of the view), and 1 down Huelo Rd.  Honokala … (5 comments)

haiku maui: Did I tell you about the dragon fruits on Maui? Pics and video - 10/03/19 10:43 PM
You have to see these dragon fruits on Maui - a new crop

I put together a short little video at at the Peahi Dragon Fruit Farm, a new start up in Haiku Maui.  These fruits are so exotic looking and also very tasty and easy to grow if you know what to do.  My friend let me take the videos and gave me some stems to start my own plants!  I'm really excited to see how they do.
Have you ever tried these fruits?  Just cut them open... it peels … (20 comments)

haiku maui: A sweet testimonial from a seller client in Haiku Maui - 03/28/19 09:15 PM
Don't you love it when your clients really appreciate all the work you do to get their house sold?  This investment property was a real challenge and it seemed like there was always something going wrong, even before we got a contract.  Tenants, County Inspectors, neighbors, weather, plumbing, etc, but suffice it to say everyone was relieved when it was over.
Selling a home on Maui doesn't have to be difficult, and there are no hurdles that are insurmountable.  Let me help you get to SOLD, and make it look easy.
Thanks for reading my Maui blog...
Buying or selling real estate on Maui? … (8 comments)

haiku maui: Phantom 4 ready for take off to film 460 Hoolawa Rd, Maui - 03/23/19 06:06 PM
Phantom 4 ready for take off to film 460 Hoolawa Rd, Maui
The weather has been pretty nice in Haiku Maui lately so we were able to get the Phantom 4 up in the air for some new aerial footage and snap shots to showcase my oceanfront listing at 460 Hoolawa Rd.  You really need to see this from the air to appreciate the outrageous cliff top setting and the dramatic location.  This little flying camera does a great job!
Watch a short video of 460 Hoolawa Rd.
This 2.3 acre parcel is oceanfront at the end of a country road, within a 5 … (9 comments)

haiku maui: Picking papayas from the tree in Haiku Maui Hawaii - 02/27/19 03:53 PM
Papayas are a favorite tropical fruit around the world.
We are blessed with a bounty of papayas this season, despite the wet winter.  It seems the rich soil from the previous veggie garden has made a big difference.  So I put together a short 1 minute video to show what the trees look like and how to pick the fruits, since many people have no idea where papayas come from.
It takes about a year to year and a half from planting to picking.  To really be on top of things you'd be starting more seeds every year or two to replace the … (7 comments)

haiku maui: Foto Friday - Backyard pineapples in Haiku Maui - 02/22/19 07:23 PM
Foto Friday - Backyard pineapples in Haiku Maui 
Pineapples growing in Haiku Maui - Find a home for sale in Haiku Maui
Do you like to garden?  While pineapples used to be a big crop here in the islands, you won't find such large areas growing them anymore.  But most people will grow a few in their yard by simply planting the cut top from a table fruit.  They don't need much care.
Thanks for reading my Maui blog...
Buying or selling real estate on Maui?  That's what I do.  Let me help YOU.
Georgie Hunter R(S) e-Pro, Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers
127 Hana Hwy. #G, … (11 comments)

haiku maui: 300 Hanauana Rd Haiku Maui price reduction - let's get it sold! - 02/14/19 01:37 AM
300 Hanauana Road, on Maui's north shore - $1,149,900
This beautiful Maui home is looking for a new owner and the sellers are dropping the price to help make it happen.  Check out this lovely country home that offers spectacular views in a very private and tropical setting.
Best features:
unstoppable views! gated flag lot and gated subdivision single level home with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and a den completely remodeled with open floor plan lofted ceilings tiled throughout full length covered lanai take the flying tour and see for yourself
Land features:
fenced and landscaped 3.3 acres with a circular driveway … (12 comments)

haiku maui: Short videos - where to eat in downtown Haiku Maui - 01/30/19 11:52 PM
Dining in Haiku Maui - Yes these are very short videos, just a minute.  There are only 10 places to eat after all, but they're all good ones.
See for yourself when you watch this iMovie trailer...
The Haiku food truck scene has been growing and I look forward to others arriving as more people move to this community.
Check out the food truck video...
And for the full story of where to find these north shore restaurants, click on over to my mauihunter.com blog.  Click here.
Find a home in Haiku Maui ~ Search vacant land for sale in Haiku Maui
And contact me when … (10 comments)

haiku maui: A box of goodness from the garden in Haiku Maui - 01/10/19 12:15 AM
The new year is off to a good start. 
It's great to come home from a vacation on the cold and wintry mainland and go "shopping" for food in the garden.  With a freezer full of our own Maui grass-fed beef and a few things from the garden we've been eating quite well.
eggplant beans pineapple hot peppers eggs herbs Living in Hawaii doesn't have to be expensive if you enjoy a simple country lifestyle.
Let me help you find a home where you can grow your own food and live more sustainably.
Search homes for sale in Haiku Maui - Search … (11 comments)

haiku maui: Grateful for a Thanksgiving dinner from farm to table - 11/20/18 11:41 PM
Grateful for a Thanksgiving dinner from farm to table
The weather this week in Haiku Maui is wet and windy so it's going to be nice to be stuck indoors on Thanksgiving day and do some cooking.  With these short and wet days, the veggie gardens tend to get neglected, but still produce plenty of things to eat... carrots, kale, beans, beets, okra, eggplant, herbs.  New beds will wait until spring, and the weeds get a chance to spread out. It's a good time to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

What's on the menu?  This year it's not the traditional turkey … (14 comments)

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