hana maui: Hana Maui - 31 acres finds a new owner right next door - 09/30/17 06:34 PM
It's been a long and interesting process to sell a large parcel of wooded land in Hana Maui.  For most people, this is a remote area, and not a place that is normally thought of when buying property on Maui.  But to those who live in Hana, it's home, and nowhere else on earth compares to the natural beauty and lifestyle of this tropical community by the sea.
Everything is ready for closing day on Monday:
all documents are signed by buyer and seller loan funds are in place the property is ready to go nothing left to do but record the … (2 comments)

hana maui: Santa sighting in Hana Maui Hawaii - Merry Christmas - 12/21/16 07:31 PM
On a recent trip to beautiful Hana Maui Hawaii I was lucky enough to spot Santa at the Hana AG Park.  I think he's ready for all the girls and boys of Hana if they've been good keiki all year.  What do you think he'll be bringing them? 

Sunny Santa in Hana Maui
Are you looking for a special piece of jungle property in this tropical town on the island of Maui? 
Santa's magic bus in Hana Maui
Search the Maui MLS for Hana land and homes for sale.
4600 Hana Highway, Hana Maui Hawaii
Looking for land for sale in Hana Maui? Don't … (11 comments)

hana maui: Hana pier to be demolished due to unsafe conditions - 10/21/16 10:21 AM
The Hawaii Department of Transportation, the DOT, wants to demolish the old pier in Hana Bay because it could potentially be dangerous. It's crumbling and falling apart, and could be replaced, but community sentiment prefers to have nothing instead of a publicly accessible commercial pier which would create more boat traffic in the little harbor.
kids playing in Hana Harbor, Hana Maui
Originally built to transport sugar out of Hana before the Hana Highway became a viable roadway, it has not been used commercially in a long time.  The pier is still used by local fishermen and kids for recreation, but due to … (6 comments)

hana maui: Hawaii's first off-grid solar classroom is built in Hana Maui - 09/13/16 10:11 AM
The solar powered off-grid classroom in Hana Maui is the first of its kind, and was built by the young people of the community as part of a hands-on training program called Ma Ka Hana Ka 'Ike - "in working, one learns".  High school kids and recent graduates completed the classroom in time for the fall school session this year. 
Hana School
The program helps at-risk kids learn construction skills while improving their community.  Since 2000 this nonprofit group has teamed up with the kids and helped build 18 facilities at the Hana School (elementary and high school), cottages and homes for … (1 comments)

hana maui: Nahiku roadside food on the way to Hana Maui Hawaii - 06/15/16 06:20 PM
Stop here in Nahiku on your way to or from Hana and grab a bite and some tropical gifts.
Nahiku roadside center with food and shopping
When you're driving from Paia Maui to Hana Maui it can be a pretty long drive.  You might be getting hungry as you approach Hana and you'll be glad to see this roadside rest stop with a few food stands and a souvenir shop.  It's on the left with lots of parking.  Get a fish taco or some shrimp. Maybe an ice cold sorbet!  
Island Style Tacos with kalua pork and fresh fish
Just stretching the legs can feel … (10 comments)

hana maui: Why am I blogging so much about Hana Maui? - 06/03/16 08:39 AM
Because I have a great new listing in Hana... 31 acres of it!
So I'm educating the public about the area and the real estate market in this charming little village called Hana.  Learn more about Hana here.
Hana Maui vacant land market report June 2016.
It's not a big place, so there's only 6 land sales a year.  This makes it challenging to get a property sold, so we have priced it well below appraised and assessed values.  That should make it very attractive to a buyer looking for a large wooded parcel with nice ocean views.
4600 Hana Hwy, Hana HI 96713 … (14 comments)

hana maui: May 2016 Activerain blogroll about Maui and Maui Real Estate - 06/01/16 01:21 PM
May 2016 Activerain blogroll about Maui and Maui Real Estate
 May 3, 2016 - April 2016 Activerain blogroll about Maui and Maui real estate  May 5, 2016 - Orchids abound at 435 Ho'olawa Rd, Haiku Maui Hawaii   May 8, 2016 - Purple is the color of spring in Kula Maui Hawaii  May 8, 2016 - Speechless Sunday - Happy Mother's Day from Paia Maui
 May 10, 2016 - Kula Maui HI - new listings featured in May 2016  May 12, 2016 - Yellow bush beans right out of my Haiku Maui garden
 May 17, 2016 - The Butterfly Effect 10th annual … (2 comments)

hana maui: The natural beauty of Red Sand Beach in Hana Maui - 05/31/16 10:37 AM
Red Sand Beach is one of the unique highlights in Hana Maui, and worth a visit if you are brave enough to walk the narrow trail.  You can find the trail head near the end of Uakea Road in town. 
Follow that trail at your own risk and be careful when navigating the steep parts that tower above the ocean.  Just go slowly and don't bring too many things with you.
Once you arrive at this beach you will appreciate how lovely it is.  The sand really is red due to the broken down volcanic rock, and it will even be hot … (13 comments)

hana maui: Speechless Sunday - This way to downtown Hana Maui - 05/22/16 02:44 PM
Speechless Sunday - This way to downtown Hana Maui
Hana is not a very big town on Maui and it's one of the most remote from the main city of Kahului, with less than 1,500 people living there. 

When you get there you can take the right hand road, Hana Highway, to the downtown business center or the left hand road, Uakea Road, to the bay.  Either way you will enjoy the sights.  Take your time and see it all.
Got questions about Maui real estate?  Call the Hunter....
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hana maui: Wordless Wednesday - Hawaiian style building in Hana Maui HI - 01/06/16 11:10 AM
Wordless Wednesday - Hawaiian style building in Hana Maui HI

If you drive to Hana Maui, be sure to stop and enjoy all the sights, like this cute hale (building) by the old courthouse.
Hana Maui is where you can really get a feeling of Old Hawai'i.
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hana maui: Black sand beach in Hana - Waianapanapa State Park - 07/08/15 01:10 PM
 Black sand beach in Hana  - Waianapanapa State Park
This beautiful spot along the coastline around Hana Maui is worth a visit just to see the hot black sand washing up on smooth black pebbles at the beach. This is one of the many highlights of Hana Maui, which can easily be missed as you drive along the Hana Highway.

People may say there's nothing to do in Hana, but that's not true if you love to be in the sparkling blue sea having fun.
Waianapanapa State Park is open to the public and free, with parking, bathrooms, tables and water fountains.  Camping is … (14 comments)

hana maui: Speechless Sunday - Waterfall on the Hana Highway of Maui Hawaii - 08/22/10 04:47 PM
Speechless Sunday - Waterfall on the Hana Highway of Maui Hawaii

Just a quick video clip to show you some of the beauty from the north shore of Maui, along the winding Hana Highway road to Hana Maui.
other Hana Highway videos:
driving on the crazy road to Hana Hana Bay in Hana Maui  

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