home on maui: Try the Food Trucks across from Costco - Kahului Maui HI - 11/27/16 09:37 PM
Try the Food Trucks across from Costco in Kahului Maui and you'll be surprised at the diversity of great flavors and island style favorites... fresh fish, plate lunches, noodles, chicken, shrimps, tacos, curry, fries, sushi, coffee, cold drinks and so much more.

Easy to find, right across from the Costco Gas exit on Haleakala Highway.  Plenty of free parking! 
Most days you'll have a selection of 6 or more food vendors including:
Thai Mee Up Kalei's Lunch Box Wayne's Sushi - Fresh off the Boat Mo 'Ono Hawaii Albas Cuban Coladas Like Poke? Maui 8 Wonder Tacos
There's a nice big shady … (5 comments)

home on maui: Tuesday's Treasures from a garden in New Brunswick Canada - 07/17/12 07:43 AM
Tuesday's Treasure from a garden in New Brunswick Canada

Aloha from New Brunswick, Canada!
We have been enjoying some beautiful weather up here in Canada and the summertime activities are in full swing.  So much to do on these long summer days!
(I'm missing Maui though and it will be great to get home.)

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Search the Maui MLS listings here  Aloha from … (9 comments)

home on maui: My Haiku Maui HI garden update for January 2012 - 01/22/12 03:05 PM
My Haiku Maui HI garden update for January 2012
What are we eating from our Haiku Maui garden this month?
After a very wet couple of months in November and December we are now having to water the garden every day!  There's plenty of new starts going in and more beans sprouting up.  It's a fair amount of work, and there's always weeding to be done, but we really enjoy the results.  
Here are the veggies we can just pick from the garden this month:
cherry tomatoes bell peppers swiss chard eggplant cauliflower carrots green beans bok choy celery onions … (2 comments)

home on maui: Water feature in Kihei looks like Haiku Maui - 05/09/11 04:35 PM
Water feature in Kihei looks like Haiku Maui

When viewing some Kihei homes for sale last month, I snapped this picture of a beautiful water feature in the back yard.  I thought it was very tropical looking and it reminded me a lot of Haiku Maui where I live.  If you have a home on the dry side of Maui, like Kihei and Wailea, you strive to make it look tropical and exotic, which requires a lot of water.  
At least in Haiku we don't have to go to such lengths to create a pleasant corner of the garden. … (5 comments)

home on maui: Silent Saturday - Vintage road signs - Sedona Arizona - 05/07/10 06:39 PM
Silent Saturday - Vintage road signs - Sedona Arizona
Even Realtors have to take a vacation.  So where does a Maui Realtor go for a change of scenery?  This time it's to the Phoenix area.  We don't see too many things like this back home on Maui.

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home on maui: Zippy's opens on Maui - open 24 hours a day - 08/19/08 11:18 AM

Zippy's opens on Maui
Here on Maui it's a really big deal - a new Zippy's restaurant.  Talk about pent up demand!  Some people have been going every day since they opened about a week ago.  And aren't we special...Maui Zippy's prices are slightly higher than those on Oahu.
Zippy's is a fast food restaurant from Oahu, where they have 24 outlets.  Zippy's was started by the Higa family in 1966, even before the first McDonald's opened in Hawaii.  They specialize in Zip Pac (bento box), Zip Min (ramen) and Napples (turnovers), chili, local style food and Napoleon's Bakery. 
They are … (9 comments)

home on maui: Harvesting Bananas - How To - 1 minute movie - 08/05/08 02:49 PM
Harvesting Bananas on Maui
You might have wondered... how do bananas grow?  How do you get them down off the tree?  Did you know that there is no woody tissue in a banana plant?  The "trunk" is more like the consistency of rolled up corrugated cardboard, and very juicy... sort of like celery. They grow in a clump with many stalks at different stages, so there's always a mature stalk or 2, and some younger ones, and also some keikis - little ones just coming up.  Again think celery or rhubarb.  You know there are no seeds to speak of, so … (4 comments)

home on maui: NOW I remember why I moved to Maui! ... a day at the beach. - 07/08/08 12:32 PM
A Day at the Beach on Maui
Last weekend we celebrated our wedding anniversary, at the Maui Prince Resort, which made us take some time off, and GO TO THE BEACH!  After living here for 28 years, I have to admit that going to the beach is not one of my top priorities any more. Somewhere along the way, other things became more important, like being a homeowner and taking care of "the most important investment in your life".  We have been very fortunate, and have a wonderful home on Maui that needs a fair amount of maintenance... but we enjoy it … (36 comments)

home on maui: Big Box Stores on Maui - Kahului Maui HI - 01/12/08 09:12 PM
Big Box Stores on Maui - Kahului Maui HI
You might be curious about what's available on Maui for shopping.  Do we have those big box stores that we can't seem to live without?  The answer is YES we do.  Here's the short list of what's available in the main city of Kahului.  These are all located within a few blocks, along Dairy Road:
WalMart Lowe's Home Depot Office Max Costco Wholesale And that's it.  Most of them are fairly new... like in the past 10-15 years or so.  I suppose there will be more coming, but I have a feeling the … (0 comments)

home on maui: Interior Design Solutions - Kahului Maui - Help is Here! - 12/08/07 07:52 PM

Help is Here!
I stumbled into a new place the other day while my husband was filling his fuel barrels at Maui Oil Company.  We were in Kahului Maui, and I didn't want to wait in the truck.  I wandered out in the misty rain and peeked my head into the first shop I came to.  It's a small shop that's not really very visible, and I don't think they get a lot of walk in traffic.  The friendly guy in the shop said they really don't have anything for sale, except their time. lol.  They are interior designers, with a nice showroom filled … (6 comments)

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